Thursday, April 30, 2009


I left Kotzebue this morning on a Caravan plane (Bush Plane) bound for two villages, Deering and Buckland. The trip was a nice break from the monotonous daily life of Kotzebue.

I'm not the best flier around. I know, I know, I'm from Kotzebue where you have to FLY in to visit, but I just don't like to fly.

In Deering we were greeted by a darn crew waiting for us. Deering is a ONE road town. Seriously. Everyone there was so hospitable, it almost made me want to move. Almost. Not quite.

I forgot my camera cord at work, so I don't have photo's, but tomorrow I'll post some showcasing the beautiful towns we visited.

Everyone is very friendly, and welcoming. I KNOW I don't have anything they really want, but they just are genuinely welcome.

So, thank you to the residents to Buckland and Deering for your hospitality and just overall nice-ness! I really appreciate being "welcome!"

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