Thursday, April 2, 2009


I wonder if you guys know that I have 74 first cousins on my mother's side. Yes...that is a LOT of cousins!!! Remember my past blog about Ila (ill-ya), well, these are my Ila! :)

So, one of those cousins is graduating this year from good oleKotzebue High... Ariel Dawn. She and I share the same Inupiaq name, Katak. We're named after our grandmother, Katak! As if you didn't know that!

Anyway, she's a hearty halfbreed, just like me!!! She's so beautiful too... See for yourself.

Ariel 1

We went out in the tundra by cemetary hill to take these pictures. We figured everyone has the same old, same old Senior Photos, so we'd be different. :) It worked!

She's using our aahna's parky with a wolverine isilgvik (ruff)...and she dyes her hair...its natually a bit lighter than that!

Ariel 2

To all seniors around...congratulations and good luck!!!

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