Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun!

The girls had FUN, FUN, FUN yesterday. It was a little sad waking up with no kids to surprise with baskets full of candy, but our house was a little cold in the morning, so the kids slept at their grandparents house to stay warm!!!

Dean finally figured out what the problem was on our boiler, so now we have hot water and can shower, bathe, wash clothes and wash dishes (phew! yay!) with hot water. Oh, and we have heat too! That's important. Although we were enjoying wearing yarn socks, long johns and sweatshirts to bed, waking up to stand next to the fireplace and warm up! It was just like camp used to be in our very own house.

So..the girls finally came over and had a BLAST hunting for eggs. Koy went outside and hid about 100 plastic eggs all around our house.
almost reach it

He hid them all over, including on the car and on the snowmachines...

clara trekking

...On the hills around our house...

stuck in a hole the holes dug up to get the sled and 4-wheeler out...

eggs on the roof

...on the roof of the shop AND house...

claras basket

kaisas basket

...they had a grand time!


We finished off the hunt with hot chocolate and peeps!

It was a good day.

1 comment:

Ms. ~K said...

Colored Easter eggs in snow are probably easy to find-chuckle...
Love the hot chocolate w/ peeps!
I do enjoy seeing your life in the Great North!

Glad you had a wonderful day!