Sunday, April 26, 2009

Loot and the fun we had with it...

Even though Kaisa is still (REALLY) a little sick, Strep Throat and Scarlet-ty Fever (from the strep)...a double shot of PCN did the trick, but not until after the screaming and crying ensued at our local (dive) ER. Only bribes of a Slushie and the first to use my present won her over.

fever tongue
She wanted everyone to see her tongue!

rashy arm
THIS is what the body looks like...and its even worse on her palms. Ick.

Aside from the sickness, we had a wonderful day with my new birthday loot! I knew when I married Dean and the first present he gave me was a .357 magnum stainless steel handgun with a nylon body holster and bear slugs that this marriage would last forever and my presents would ALWAYS be practical and EXACTLY what I wanted.

My sisters complain that they don't know what to get me. I constantly tell everyone who asks, "I don't know...just get anything!" Or..."A bottle of red wine." ha... My mom and dad get me whatever I buy myself and they reimburse me for, which works GREAT, because I've gotten a sewing machine, a KitchenAide stand mixer, and other great things like that. My son made me an ulu this year in shop class, and I am so very proud of him! I've been using it to chop onions, ham and whatever box that needs opening, I'm chiming in..."Ohhh, I have an ulu...I'll get it!" Every Christmas, my dad makes us girls an ulu, so I have a lot of them, but my 12 year old son made this, so its special!

Yay for Koy, master ulu maker!

kinfe block
Fits perfectly on my knife magnet! Oh...the tiles, I woke up one day and Dean had tiled our kitchen! Yay for great husbands!

My husband, he gets me the BEST presents though. I actually get giddy when ready to open my presents from him. I do have to admit, I did have to "train" him to be patient. I want to open my present ON my birthday, or ON Christmas, or ON mother's day! He tries and tries to get me to open, or "just take a little look" at things before the big day.

Some past gifts include an iPod, another iPod (because it was cooler than the last one), a "circle camp chair" (a FOLDING papasan for reading at camp...that is a close second to the Wii Fit), a Finnish Witch Drum, that he MADE, Dansko's, Haflingers, camoflauge Rubber Boots and Jacket, and of course, the Eskimo Sled for fishing on the ice. See, I'll survive anywhere. All I need are some books to keep me company!

This year...he got me a Wii Fit, with the yoga and accessory case! Let me just say...the Wii Fit IS. THE. BEST. GIFT. EVER!

skiing on the Wii Fit


We do all enjoy the Wii, but we also usually all put on a little (lot) weight in the winter. After no sun for months, and a hundred below temperatures, all cramped in a small house, its hard to burn more calories than we Spring is the time everyone comes out of their shells, and is very active. So the Wii Fit...Exactly what we need...all of us. Not just me!

Thank you Deanie for the gift. I REALLY, REALLY love it! And as you can does everyone else!

Heres to another GREAT year above the Arctic Circle. Let the adventure begin!


The infamous "little sister" said...

WOW I laughed soooo hard when I watched the video of Dean. I can't wait to come home!!! loove you

Ms. ~K said...

It looked Dean was having some trouble keeping up...
You guys are going to have loads of fun and lose weight at the same time, a win-win situation, for sure!
Have fun.

And Happy Birthday Again!