Thursday, April 23, 2009


Yes, you saw right, the girls with me earned SEVEN patches last night. SEVEN. Take that all you Girl Scout fanatics who compare your kids patches with everyone else! (Just kidding. but not really)

Kaisa, Mae, Clara, Alexis and Emily in the front...

The girls have been hanging out with us and doing all sorts of activities, and I finally cracked open Clara Dawn's Brownie "Try-it" book, and found that they had already done a LOT of things, and weren't getting credit (or patches) for it. So, last night I solved that!

Yesterday was Earth Day and since my daughter chastised me about our waste pile, we planted seeds. I've worked my way from lemon and orange trees to strawberries, but the only produce my kids seem to love are the citrus flavored gummy bears. Stil.. Every bit helps. Hey, its a small step in my large world right?! I had to shop at the monopoly store, AC, for what I thought would be some Mint, Basil, Thyme, Sage and the sort...but NooOOOoooOo. All they had was Basil, spinach and a whole assortment of flowers. So, the girls were happy to plant flowers.

Spinach and Forget-Me-Not's...may as well keep it Alaskan!

Some of the comments after being asked what they learned were, "you can't, like, breathe oxygen if you don't have plants in your house, so plant stuff... You have to plant stuff so the earth will be green and not brown and yucky... Don't throw away your order food (containers) cause they will never Bi-gre-Gate (biodegrade) in the dumps..." haha...

Em and Kaisa humming to the tune of, "Honey, Honey" from Mamma Mia...their current favorite movie!

We also did a lot of physical activity patches. Girl Sports, Some Body movement one, and Dancercize. Its a little sad that people have to resort to earning patches to play out and have physical activity daily. My kids should get patches, cause I'm mean and force them outside, even in 30 below temps. "Oh cover your face if its freezing off!"

The last one we did was "girl sports." To think the Girl Scout Council had to name one GIRL sports. haha. Up here in the frozen tundra, we need ones called "Fishing through the Ice, Plucking Ducks for Fun, Building an Igloo for shelter when you're Lost, and Taking care of the animals you Shoot!"

I think my daughter needs one that's named, "Snow-cross at 6 years old!" :)

What other patches can we get?!???

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