Monday, April 20, 2009

Crazy Girls...

The First Annual Kotzebue Sound Racing Association's Women's 120 race buzzed by us on Saturday morning.

The kids had Saturday School to make up for a storm day, so most everyone was wide awake at the eleven o'clock start time. Cathy came over and we went out to around Lockhardt to watch.

Heather Lane on an Arctic Cat F6

Samantha Harris-Richards, the overall winner, on an F7

During the time it took to wait for the girls to come back, we fished...and fished...and fished... to no avail! Chad took his auger out and drilled five holes for us. We sat there, BS'ed about who was going to win, and who was going "slow" on the way out... Maybe the fish heard us gossiping and decided they weren't going to bite.

chad the fisher

shayne the fisher

shayne and damon fishing

So, we set up camera's and tripods and video cameras and waited for the women to come back...

Phyllis Harris on an F6

Muck Viviros on an AC 570

Leanne Viveiros on an AC Z570

Helen Harris, a late entry...

Eva Jones on a Ski-Doo 550

autumn mitchell
Autumn Mitchell on a Ski-Doo 550 MXZ

Some people's snow machine's didn't make it back in the same condition they went out Zazell Staheli. :)

Cathy Jones...Aqvaluk Photography... :)

I didn't take too many photos, as I was videoing the race next to a trail marker. A few times there, I thought one of the racers would hit the camera!

Here are the results for both classes:
womens race results

As much as I'd love to win that kind of money, I can't ride that fast. I spoke with Samantha after the race, and being out there, all alone, makes you really think about your kids, and your family. She said she was a little scared and that she felt somewhat selfish at times, BUT had a lot of fun. This was it for her though, no more racing. Coincidentally, her daughter's 4th birthday was Sunday, and they got her a cute pink 120 snowmachine...Maddie is ready to ride! :)

I'm just too chicken to ride that fast!

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