Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jail Dogs...

Upon driving home after work Tuesday, my husband came out of the house yelling, "Go to ___ ____'s house, to get the dogs! Koy's gone with the 4-wheeler already!!!"

Apparently, our dogs, got loose and were cavorting around town in their own little gang. Everyone who knows our dogs, KNOWS they are the nicest dogs in town, they've never been aggressive with anyone, except the one person who came into our house drunk in the middle of the night asking for crackers (but that's another story!), and even THEN all Nugent did was bow his head and growl. Shockie ran upstairs and jumped on the bed to wake Dean up...and barked, I'd hardly say that was aggressive.

Yesterday, they were accused of being "agressive" and we were cited for "Black Lab running at-large" and "Yellow Lab running at-large." So, these damn dogs cost me $40 bucks on tax day.


We all know the dogs weren't aggressive, but the owner of the dog yard where Nugent and Shockie ended up was probably worried, and I don't blame him. I told him if he ever sees our dogs around there again, to open the back of his truck and hit it and tell them to get in...they'll happily oblige. OR...he could always chamber a shotgun, casue our dogs would immediately stand at heel on either side of him waiting for the ducks/geese!

Oh well. Better my dogs, than my kids!

Although... I needed all the money I could get to pay our stupid taxes.

Unhappy Tax Day. Ugh!

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Ms. ~K said...

Thank goodness your neighbors aren't rednecks like mine...they would have shot the dogs and you never would have known...
We have to be sure our dogs don't wander off our 30 acres...