Saturday, April 25, 2009

Maija Katak 3.2

Na, na, na, na, Na, na...they say it's your birthday....
Na, na, na, na, NA, na...its MY birthday too, yeah.

I'm looking forward to some patkotak sisters birthday requests for my birthday this year. If no one requests that for me, I'll be thoroughly disappointed.

newborn maija
newborn..two days old

chickaloon mom dad me
Chickaloon the coolest place in the coolest state!

sink baby
my best play pen ever

I have to say. Aside from my roof leaking all over the place, my daughter's fever and LONG night, and my messy's been a good day so far. The snow is blowing sideways, so we're probably NOT going fishing today, as is customary on my birthday. But that's OK, because I'd have to skip out to take care of Kaisa. Someone is looking out for me.

dad and I on bday
Happy age 1 birthday!

puppy pen
This is where all the babies are put...with the puppies in the pen, so we get used to each other! (We had lots of sled dogs growing up!)

josie and I sisualik babies
Sisualik kids...Josie and Maija

I don't know what will happen tonight, what I DO know is that my husband brought me four bottles of wine from Anchorage (I live in a "damp" community, no alcohol sold anywhere except on the bootleg market) so I'm happy to see that at our bar!

mom and dads wedding
Three years old at my mom and dad's wedding...

maijas hat
One of many fur things!

Me and my bud Donnie!

So... if you're in or around the Kotzebue, Alaska area, come on over to house 425 for a full on Mexican night. I think we're having "Margarita's with Maija". Last year it was Mai Tai's, the year before was my Dirty Thirty... you get the picture.

parky 2
All we wore/wear is parky's in the winter...

rabbit parky
and we make them from ANYTHING. This one is rabbit.

And now for your entertainment:

Five Celebrities I share a birthday with and my reason's for claiming them!

1. Al Pacino (1940)
Al has my back in any fight I have...he can also dance like no other and just has that air around him that makes me want him to be my mob uncle.

2. Renee Zellweger (1969)
He had me at Hello. And that is for I HAD to include her. Besides, sometimes I can be a little flighty.

3. Tim Duncan (1976)
At only a year younger, he's the bomb diggity. Since I like to pretend to play basketball, he and I are cool like that.

4. Ella Fitzgerald (1917-1996)
Sometimes when I'm at Kari or Stacey's...I like to Karaoke. Once or twice I remember doing it at the Woodshed in Anchorage. I do like to sing to my kids she and I. yeah.

5. Jason Lee (1970)
Lastly, anyone who plays a guy named Earl and has a son in REAL life named Pilot Inspektor HAS to be cool to hang with. Hey're cool!

summer and I
My cousin Summer and I.

Me and my awesome sister Saima... 13 and 8 years old! HAHA

tenth grade
Fifteen years old I believe!

In closing. Some words of wisdom from my dad. Who by the way had never before called and left a message for me on the phone... (So, I'm a little excited...I'll take what I can get)

"HEY, get out of bed, get up earlier. You're getting older and your life's getting shorter. Need to make the most of it. Happy Birthday from your dad!"


Anonymous said...

Hyvää syntymäpäivää! Not being even park Finnish, I had to look up how to write Happy Birthday. I don't have a clue where to find the Inupait Eskimo birthday greeting so you will just have to settle for a sincere HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me in English. Have a great day.

Michele S said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is hysterical about us having the same birthday!!!

The infamous "little sister" said...

happy birthday thister.
i love you

Fawn said...

Hi Maija, and happy birthday! Thanks for commenting on my amauti post. I have to sheepishly tell you that I don't have any Inuk background at all (I'm half German and half Chinese, though, so mixed kind of like you!) I lived in Iqaluit for a couple of years and fell in love with the amauti and knew someday I'd have to have one.

When I lived in Iqaluit, the houses were also identified with numbers. I think most people still do that there, even though they've officially now got road names and street numbers.

Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

"Grattis paa fodelsedagen" would be the Swedish for Happy Birthday. I really enjoyed your picture!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday and many more!