Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Old Treasures

This weekend Dean and I celebrated our anniversary .  We usually head off to the big city of Anchorage for a long weekend of just us.  Little did we know that the stupid Alaska PFD direct deposit was also arriving in the big city the day we were to leave Kotzebue.


It was craziness.  Something that we will try NOT to experience again!  Especially since he brought only one pair of pants so we could buy some more and ended up at American Eagle (he's not too old!) behind a bunch of spoiled teenagers.  Mission accomplished though, he did get three pairs of jeans. 


So, to pass the time, aside from eating 15 lbs of good food, we ran off to Chickaloon for a day to visit my dad.  My dad who had a horrible bruise from falling down a hill while my mom is here taking care of our kids.  My dad who had several guns on the couch where I was going to take a nap. 

I took a nap despite those guns.  And then picked some high-bush cranberries.  And took a walk around the rainy trail to the other cabin. 


Whenever I visit Chickaloon, I always find something new, that's old.  They collect cool antique stuff that's practical.  This trip I drooled over my mom's new treadle sewing machine.  I can't believe they end up with such cool new (old) stuff.  Man.  I'm totally jealous.


Another new old pile I found was bound by old twine, and the very first magazine I opened had a story about Della Keats in it.  They traveled to the "Purple River" to look for masru.  Very cool.  Very informative.  I also remember traveling like that when I was a kid.  Up river, kakisaaq-ing and pushing the boat out. 


Next time I visit, I hope to see the loom my grandmother gave to my mom.  :)  Then I'll REALLY be excited.  And by that time, the belt on the treadle will be fixed and I can sew too.