Saturday, April 4, 2009

A fox and his Friends...

Sorry no photos, but I have a story for you... Its a, 'where else but Alaska could you..." story.

Its about a Fox. Lets call him, "Foxy." He is the cousin to the cross fox that Dean and Koy killed next to our airplane. a while back.
Anyway, Foxy decided that he would avenge his cousins death, so he put on his Saturday best and walked to Kotzebue. While in Kotzebue, he wandered around to various dog yards and bit a few dogs here and there. He wanted to make sure they understood that he meant business.
After a few bites throughout the day, an especially good day, considering most humans were watching the snow machine and dog races on the ice in front of town, he decided he'd find Dean and Koy.
Yelping some random chants here and there, he eventally meandered into the Lukin's property. There, he found Nugent and Shockie, the Labs who live with both Dean and Koy and their family.
Foxy decided he'd play a game, since he was feeling somewhat brave. He knew the dogs chains only allowed them to run for 15 feet in either direction, so he danced circles around both dogs, yelping in a sing song voice.
Both dogs were furious, and let their owners know. As soon as Dean looked out the window, and Nugent was preoccupied, Foxy jumped at his chance to bite him. And bite him he did, right on the back of the head. He thought to himself, "that's what you get for shooting my cousin."
Nugent the Lab was pissed. He darted back and forth at Foxy as did Shockie. No sooner than Foxy bit Nugent, did Dean come out with a rifle. Without a clear and easy shot, Dean could not take the chance of harming anything but Foxy. So Foxy ran.
He ran and ran until he found another dog to toy with. Foxy danced circles around the white German Shepard on a five foot chain biting him in the leg, darting in and out of his circle of chains.
Foxy grew tired of this game, and eventually decided to leave that house, and go back to the Lukin's for more. He came back with a vengance, but Nugent would have nothing of it. Nugent charged Foxy and bit the end of his tail off. He was surprised at the speed and vengence of the Lab, as well as the fact that he now had three police vehicles, Dean, and the Dog Catcher after him. In all, that was three 44 mag's, a 17 mach-2, and a .22 all armed and ready to fire.
Foxy grew restless and disoriented, he wound up backtracking, but managed to keep the humans at bay. He ran back home in hopes of never seeing them again...
The End.

Why, you ask did I write this story? BECAUSE ITS HAPPENING right now outside my house. Nugent has to be quarantined, for I don't know how long. Right now, as I type, the police force, the Dog Catcher AND Dean are outside. The officers got on their loud speaker and told everyone in our neighborhood to stay inside and bring your animals inside. Which is hard to do for the family who has the sled dog yard. The owner is outside standing vigilantly beside his beloved sled dogs with a 22 rifle and has said he will continue to stand outside until its shot. Dean, I guarantee, because Nugent was bit, will not rest tonight until he kills that fox, and the skin is hanging in our garage on a stretch board. Guarantee.

Like I said...Where else, but Alaska could your husband be outside wielding a rifle to shoot a rabid fox next to your own house?! :) (Almost like the Polar Bear story eh?!)

Don't let your kids play out without a gun (or at least a knife!)! :) My kids would love it.

*Correction: Dean came home. He was carrying an AR-15, gussied up in homemade white "winter camo" to shoot that fox, rather than a .17 mach-2.

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