Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to my BABY!

Anivililuk tuutin, Quvaisuqlu anivililuuq Ahluniq!

Happy, Happy Birthday Ahlu!

six years old

Today is my daughter's sixth birthday. Six is just too old for a baby. I remember when she was born, 10:44 p.m. right arm stuck above her head during delivery, cried for twelve hours after she was born, nurses didn't think she'd have full use of her right arm, and figured she was crying because of a headache, and a hurt arm.

Today, she's fine, her right arm is fine. For those of you who know her, she's about 50 inches tall (super tall, amazon woman!) and weighs just about 50 lbs. She's doing great in Kindergarten, and can't wait to graduate to the first grade at the end of the month.

She had a Build-A-Bear party this afternoon. Thirteen candy-crazed little girls came over and had a blast!

quppiq and her balloon

girls looking

clara looking at balloons

dilyn laughing

emily laughing

jessa laughing

The girls stuffed their bears, placed the hearts, made wishes, and Saima and I sewed them up.

jody at the party

emily lorring bunny



musical paper

hot ladybug

We played three games for the bear outfits. Hot Ladybug (Hot potato), Eskimo Bingo, and Musical Paper (musical chairs). The girls had a blast and laughed for most of the party.

jello girls

My mom always makes her special jello, a layered jello, usually making about four different colors/flavors of jello. The kids like to hold the cups up to the light to see the layers.

looking at candles

blowing candles

She scored lots of loot, and $40! She's excited to spend it the next time we're in Anchorage.

opening presents

She told me, right before she went to her nana's, "mom this was the BEST party ever. YOU are the best mommy I ever did have!"

That makes it all worthwhile!


The infamous "little sister" said...

how cute! I wish I could have been there! i miss and love you guys

Ms. ~K said...

What a fun party!!!
And from what I can tell, you are an awesome Mommy!!!
Happy Birthing Day to you,

The Force Family said...

Awww, so much fun!! I saw my Qupiq and Maasak!