Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It wants to be spring!

It really, really wants to be spring outside!

We're experiencing much over flow, and shii fish, the perfect signs of spring weather here in the north. Thanks to the ginormous amount of snow we were dumped with this year, we're probably not expecting to see any green popping out until at least June. The pussy willow buds might come though, but don't count on it!

While other people in "america" (as we like to call it) are getting thier gardens ready, and pre planing their seeds, we're still waiting on a day that it gets above 20 degrees! That's balmy fella's!!! Shorts and t-shirts as far as we're concerned!

Here is the day we get today.

It wants to shine

It really, really wants to shine down on us! The fog is so thick down on the ground, that at the few three story buildings, we can see the cut line of fog, the top level people are in the sunshine and the bottom two levels are in the fog!

The sun is shining her warmth on us, but because of the cold ice and snow on the ground, poor mother nature gets confused and she just starts to sweat! Fog. :) Its fog season here. We went through storm season and not its springy time fog season. We ARE getting about 14 or 15 good hours of daylight though and its direct sunlight, with rays bouncing off the white snow and ice, its BRIGHT. Nevermind that SAD syndrome, if anyone's sad, its their own fault!


That's the view right outside my office, right now. :) The real sounds of spring don't start until we hear that one lonely seagull making its way back to Kotzebue Sound to dine on the loads of fish guts on the ice. Can't wait to hear that sqawk!

NOW...on to a cool "only in Alaska" story...

I recieved some photographs from someone on the Northslope (I'm sorry I don't know who you are!) with photos of a frozen (tuttu) caribou. Normally, this wouldn't be such a headline story, but THIS caribou froze while standing up, and walking... The person happened across the caribou at night and waited a bit for it to wander off. It didn't. There was no sign of tracks to it, or from that location. So, there it stood, frozen in time. THAT'S how cold it is in Alaska folks!

Frozen tutu
(courtesy of the person who forwarded it to me!)


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