Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Criminal...just Criminal

I received a call today, actually an email on my blackberry, that my husband was a CRIMINAL in the Kotzebue court docket. A criminal!

The emailer stated that she saw his name on the Trial Court Website and that it stated, "Animals At Large..." HAHAHAHA...Animals at large? Seriously? Wow. If this is all the Kotzebue Police can find than I'm REALLY glad to be living in Kotzebue.

But since this town is a "damp community" and you can not sell or purchase alcohol...there are many-a-criminal out there selling a 750ml bottle of Weak Whiskey for $70. (Yes, I'm serious.)

I posted a while back that Dean was ticketed for our dogs being loose. I mean, if the Dog Catcher actually caught anything, besides his own loose dog, and ticketed people, other than us, I'd understand. But to put it in a COURT DOCKET? WTF? Seriously, Kotzebue has much worse crimes and we're wasting our money on ticketing loose dogs...which were never caught, and only "allegedly seen" by another dog owner. They just assumed that because our dogs "fit the description" that they were ours. (And they probably were, but this is MY blog and I can be catty if I want.)

"Uh yeah, I'd like to report that there is a drunk person wandering around town. He's wearing a black jacket, and goes by the name of Son-son, he's about five foot ten and looks a little bit Eskimo...." That describes about 80 perscent of the male population here. I wonder if they'll ticket every Tom, Dick and Son Son they come across. It would seem so, as there are about fifteen black labs in town impregnating the other mutts around. But it seems that the two times our dogs have been "at-large" around town, they were found! Sorry, ONCE...the other time, I whistled and they came-a-runnin! Not only black labs, but many MANY huskies are wandering.

Whoa Nellie...hold on to your seatbelts. On the way to pick up my daughter from my mom's house, which is about half a city block from my house, I ran into FIVE loose dogs. FIVE. I was told by KPD, when I called to report them, that it was after five pm, and no one's there after five. So, if you're in the Kotzebue area, and you have animals, make sure they're chained up on two foot chains at least until after five! Cause after five you're home free!

I guess, you just can't live in Kotzebue without being a criminal. I wonder if he'll go for me being "warden" tonight???'s me on my way back home. I flew to Anchorage today, just for the day. Left Kotz. at 8:00 am and just arrived back at 7:15 pm. Got some important business done...and some much needed grocery shopping. My family was darn near giddy for the KFC I brought home too. So easy to please.


Good ole Chester and I...


Trish said...

unless you guys own about 15 dogs, I'm sure you aren't the only "criminals" because that is easily how many I saw on teh loose yesterday between NAPA and my house.

Anonymous said...

I work for a police department.. I hate having to tell people that the dog catcher is gone for the day.. ohh lordy to they get mad! Glad you had some great KFC!

jen said...

We're a "dry community" over here. A 375ml bottle of Vodka (bootlegged of course) goes for about $100.
My dog gets loose all the time, I couldn't imagine getting a ticket for it. That's ridiculous!