Thursday, June 14, 2012


We've been talking a lot about mistakes and bad decisions at our house lately.

With two 13 year olds, a 15 year old and a 9 year old, we have our hands full with those "talks" daily.  But really, as long as you take responsibility and tell the truth in our house, then you won't get into real "trouble."

People make mistakes.  You learn from them and  you move on.

But sometimes you make a mistake, but the end result is better than what you had originally had planned. 

Which is a great life lesson, courtesy of some bread dough.

The other day I made two batches of bread dough.  One wheat bread to be made into hot rolls for dinner, and one white dough that was to be made into cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

One of the kids wanted to help, so I sat reading and told them to go ahead and roll it out, add the butter, craisins, sugar and cinnamon.  That they did.

To both batches


and their mistake has been feeding us all week with three full pans of Craisin-Pecan Cinnamon Rolls. 

Monday, June 4, 2012


My baby sister went and got hitched last month.  I didn't have time to write about it because my other little sister needed me to drive with her to Texas from Alaska and our motel stays were kept busy with sleeping and facebooking!

Because her now-husband is from Bethel, they chose to get married in Anchorage, half way mark between Kotzebue (where we live) and Bethel (where they live). 

A few days of getting things ready and a small bridal shower with the bridesmaids (our cousins) set the stage for an awesome day.

Here is the day how I remember it...

Saima told us to get our hair done in the morning at a salon.  (which for me, is totally funny, cause I don't even get my hair cut at a salon!)

So we did.

Then we had to get our makeup done by our other cousin Keegan, so we were running a little teeny tiny bit late (half an hour).  


We wore our skintight black dresses and 3 inch heels (none of us wear heels, but NO ONE fell!) and got on with the party.

Coltrane walked up the aisle with his camo pillow (I made) and Clara walked up with her uncle Vernon.

Saima and John said their vows, and made us all cry.  


We took lots and lots and lots of photos.

I wore red lipstick and had big hair.

My dad looked very dapper in his cool Finnish/Eskimo shirt I made him.


My sister looked like a princess.

My aana was there, for her first visit away from the Nursing Home she has been living in for the past year.  (Aside from her thrice weekly appointments) 


We totally had fun doing "Thriller" at the reception.

My feet hurt like hell.

I went out with my friends afterward.

I don't remember the rest...


It was grand.  I cried like a baby.  My baby sister is married.  I still cry like a baby.