Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Babies!


The group of girls I grew up with was a tight knit group. We were considered nerds, popular, sporty, smart, etc. We all fit into all those categories, cheerleaders, class president, basketball players, volleyball stars, smokers (I know some of you did!), valedictorians, etc... Anyway, being from a small town, makes you friends with everyone, especially when you have the COOLEST class ever!

So, one of our own, finally came home! Diane came home, and probably ONLY because she had a baby and her parents and family needed to see him!

So...we had an impromptu mini class reunion with the fellow girls. Between us, Shannon, Shay, Diane and Myself, we have a total of...eleven kids. Holy Cow! haha. Shay win's though, with five. :)

Enjoy little Roman. He's a cutie!

clara and roman
Clara Dawn and Roman

roman 1

kaisa and roman
Kaisa and Roman

(She says, "no babies mommy...I'm your only baby and that's final!")

patruclus and roman
Patruclus and Roman

roman 2

dean and roman

Dean and him hung out while the ladies and I (and Chris, his daddy) ate... dessert like maniacs! Since they hung out, Dean's been giving me the "baby eyes!" haha.

momma and roman


Ms. ~K said...

What a cutie...love those chubby cheeks!

"Baby Eyes???" OH NO!!!
Be strong and resist, my friend!!!

Cara said...

Stay strong girl...ignore the eyes...i could sure loan you Xander for the weekend to remind you about after the baby stage!! :)