Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A year in review...

Well, I know I haven't blogged for a while. This week has been super busy for all of us.

Sort of like the entire year.

We started off with so many storms that one could almost see what sort of year it would be. A fast, windy, sometimes awful one. Starting out with being buried in a pile of snow is not the way you want to begin!

Then in late February, we lost Dean's father Max, to Prostate Cancer. A wonderful, awesome man of patience and wisdom. We have missed him dearly throughout the year.

My son was finally seen by a pediatric neurologist for his many, many headaches. After being repeatedly hospitalized here in Kotzebue and given the run around, eight months later, we were there. A simple fix of new glasses and NO medication, except at the onset of a migraine, and he has been GREAT since then. Aside from the one hospitalization while we were on vacation with family.

Of course, there was the super serious allergic reaction that I dealt with, (am still dealing with) throughout October, November and half of December.

And, why not get out of the year with a big bang, with the physical assault on my son and his friends by a man in this community. (Who is STILL at home relaxing, as a matter of fact all this week, he was over at the school refereeing basketball and my child wanted to watch the games. He paid his money, saw the guy, turned around, walked back out, asked for his money back, they said no, and he called me from outside to pick him up.) Which, obviously, is still affecting us. (ME!)

But, of course, we also had a wonderful and very educational time this year. I learned that 13 and 14 year old boys have more emotion and love in them, than they show. I learned how strong my daughter is and how grand her heart is for other people suffering. I learned how losing a parent can affect you long afterward. I learned that persistence in anything might not work. Sometimes, you just have to accept that. I learned to look at my children, my husband and a lot of other people differently. Mostly in a good way, and some in a disappointing way. I learned that it was OK to say NO. And OK to ask for help.

I relearned my love for baking, cooking, painting, sewing and laughing from the heart. I learned to look at people for who they really are. Not the persona they put up in life, to others. I've always been the spokesperson for "Actions Speak Louder than Words" and this year is no different.

Through the emotionally taxing times, and the light as cloud times, and the grinding-meat with rocks times, I learned, put my family and myself first. And, if that's all I learned, then I'm OK with that.

Right now, I'm wearing long johns, wool socks, bunny boots, and a Raven's Brew, three peckered billy goat t-shirt, waiting for the sun to come up, so I can dress my family, make a store run and head off to our camp at Sisualik for New Year's.

While I'm relaxing by the crackling fire, and hauling water, and drinking camp coffee, and reading old books and playing board games with my kids and drinking sparkling cider by the blue moon, I'll be thinking of you. Thank you for the words of encouragement. The reiteration of my stories and following along, in this crazy roller coaster of Arctic Life.

I hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful NEW YEAR!


Rocksee said...

Happy 2010 to the Lukins. I'm sorry that somethings happened to you all this year that should have definately not. You are a good family and a great person. I am so very glad I found this blog. There has been alot of days on my journey moving up here, that your encouraging stories and funny thoughts have put a smile on my sour face.

I thank you for that.

Good luck this coming year. I know things are going to start heading upward. For you and me both!

Your friend from North Pole!


K'man said...

I am so glad to have met you and your family this year.
As far as the crud that attacked your son goes, KARMA! What goes around comes around - just not on your time schedule. Rest assured, it comes back around.
Have a happy new year and love your family every day. keep your family short on spending money but long on hugs.

Anonymous said...

Terrific blog! Nice work . . . Always, Kim Rich

Sabrina said...

Praying for you and your family in the New Year. I hope it's a good one! We got about 2" more snow yesterday, and it was nice to curl up inside with the kids after we finished our store runs. Enjoying a lazy day with the kids today.

The Amazing Trips said...

Me? You're thinking of ME while you're out camping? Gosh darn, I wish I was out there, too. That sounds like a fun time.

Regarding your son and his headaches - only to discover he needed new glasses?! WOW. I can only imagine how relieved you must have felt.

Onwards and upwards - this will be a good year. Hopefully, barring any medical issues for the both of us AND our kin!