Friday, December 11, 2009

On having babies and eating lots!

Normally I wouldn't be encouraging random people to have babies. But today is Friday and, heck, there's nothing better to do in the darkness than practice having babies right!?

Anyway, totally random thoughts. Yesterday someone emailed me and let me know that they named their granddaughter after me.

I know, a grandma naming the granddaughter?! Its normal. :) I swear. OK, OK, its normal when the grandparents give children Eskimo Names. So, she named her granddaughter Katak, and specifically after ME.

Her reasons...because she wants her granddaughter to be strong, positive, creative, smart...and she WENT ON AND ON... I was floored. I even cried...just a little!

So, with the full intention of making fifteen Eskimo Atikluk Aprons last night, I made a pair of mukluks instead.

Cause when you name your baby AFTER ME...I will forever sew for you. And probably buy you gifts. And if you live in Kotzebue, I'll probably be available to babysit ANYTIME YOU WANT!

On another random note. My kids, husband and friends and I have fully enjoyed the last THREE meals of this concoction.

Lunch, Lunch and Dinner. The recipe is SUPER easy (email me, I'll scan it and send it off) and only takes about a half hour or so to make.

You can fill it with any sort of goodness you desire. I think I'll try to add a little more sugar and cinnamon to the dough and put some apples and cranberries in one for a dessert.

Last night, we had a salad, and a pepperoni pizza filled one, and a ham, cheese and broccoli filled one.

Hello Carbs. Goodbye skinny jeans!



Anonymous said...

OK next kid Ill name after you so it can have Katuk made stuff too :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah that goes for me tooo!!! and if they are twins they will both be named after you!! Haha, you should of told me that a couple of years ago my son would have been pretty cool named Maija. Shay

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Holy crud that meal looks amazingly delicious!! Please email me, one of your biggest fans, a copy!

kara underscore went at hotmail dot com

Terria Fleming said...


Congratulations. I have chosen you as one of the recipients of the Best Blog Award.
Please check out my post for details and a link to the picture that goes along with the award.

Peace and good wishes,
Terria Fleming
Daily Good

flying fish said...

I'd love to have that recipe, please! hooperdog at hotmail dot com.


Kay said...

Could I have the recipe too please? Just a lurker, but that looks really good!

kmsimson at gmail dot com


Dorice said...

I don't know exactly what that is but it looks delicious and my family would love it. Please, please send me the recipe. dkunis @ gmail dot com.