Monday, January 4, 2010

I'll be back...

Every day,

We work.

In the sunlight,

Wood split, Ice cracks.

Relaxing to the soul.

Every evening,

We play.

In the moonlight.

Shadows chasing, eyes watching.

The sound startles me

From a dream. I’m signing autographs.

The light glares at me.


Constant buzzing around me.

The cable box hums,

The computer stares,

The microwave dings,

I drive to work.

The lights fill my eyes with an ugly bright.

People whiz by, in a hurry.

It’s too bright.

It’s too loud.

It’s too humid.

It’s too fast.

We sit too much.

Soon though.

I’ll be back.

And all will be well again.

That poem I quickly typed this morning, as I was driving Kaisa to school...and after I was abruptly awoke by the ugliest sound around. The alarm clock buzzing. BZZZ BZZZ BZZZT!
I hate that thing.

We went to our camp across the way on Thursday around 1:00 p.m. with a friend and her kids. We packed THREE sled loads, (granted one was a mini jet sled for the kids to play on, but it DID have a generator on it!), two dogs, four kids, two wives and three snowmachines out there.

The house was cold soaked when we arrived. But we leave it cold until someone comes around to warm it up. Dean left us (he Does have a "racing rig!") so he could start the stove and warm it up a bit before we got there. It didn't work too well. We saw our breaths in the house for at least a couple of hours after we arrived.

The ladies took a sauna the first night...just the two of us. Relaxing, to say the least. No kids, no husbands!

We watched the fireworks from camp and the kids were mildly disappointed until we saw a fox running around, and then things got exciting!

The moon was so bright that we didn't need flashlights, headlamps, etc to do anything outside.

Elsa and Zach drove up the next day, and our friends left. Coincidentally, Elsa and Zach drove up, met our friends, switched snowmachines and drove back with the same snowmachine that had left just an hour before!

The boys hunted and us girls played Littlest Pet Shop, and Crazy Eight, Pick Two, Kings Reverse, Four skip! (Or whatever, you want to call a camp card game) We played and played and played. And kept the fire stoked. And kept the camp coffee on!

And then we got tired of all that crap, and we went outside and went hunting ourselves. You see, I was never left home when I was little. I wasn't treated like a girl. I didn't do dishes at camp, or chores. I went hunting. So, heck with it all, I took her hunting. We shot the 17 Mach-2 at some wood stumps and a few Foxes (Ice blocks that she swore were foxes!) on the ice. We came home empty handed, but we had fun.

The 20 minute drive back to town turned into an hour long adventure, as Kaisa wanted to ride in the sled with the dog, and then she wanted to see if she could walk home (and lasted about ten minutes), and then she wanted to drive, etc. So, we toodled around, and eventually got home to a big mess and electricity and flush toilets.

Coming back to Kotzebue was super disappointing. The constant buzz and HURRY UP life here in town is just emotionally taxing. (Actually, it COULD be that Koy and Tim have to go to court today and testify, because the guy who jumped them swears it was all "AN ACCIDENT!" PSH.)

Anyway...we're back again. And can't wait to head back this weekend!


gpc said...

I'll be thinking of the kids and of you -- I remember well when my daughter had to go to court to confront a group that beat her and another kid up (she was beaten for trying to protect the smaller, weaker kid). My stomach still ties in knots at the memory, but it bothered me more than her at the time, and when I mentioned it to her recently she said she had forgotten all about it.

SimplySweeter said...

I love to read about your life! I'm so glad my cousin Jen (Amazing Trips) told me about your Blog. Anyway, I know what you mean about the constant "hustle-bustle". Sometimes it's nice to just get away for a couple of days. I owned my own snowmachine up to a few years ago. I sold it because I lost my riding buddy and didn't have anyone to go riding with anymore. I know you rely on your snowmachines to get you from Point A to Point B in the wintertime, but mine was used only for pure recreational enjoyment. We used to go up to the northern most point in New Hampshire and we could ride for days and days. Sigh. It was so much fun. Hope your holidays were great and all the best for 2010!

Anonymous said...

The DA ought to get a move on and indict that moron. Mistake is not a defense and even if they wanted to argue he was "defending his property", he would only be allowed to use reasonable force. Viciously, brutally attacking a kid and continuing the attack after it was clear his property was defended, just illustrates how far from defense of property this was.
I've noticed the DA likes to take her time in indicting and charging more serious cases, as if to get her ducks in a row. However, the result of that is that she continually loses the goodwill of the community and does not take into account the affect on the victims. I find her strategy appalling. (And I'm a former defense attorney).

Sabrina said...

Thinking of you and the kids today. court is never fun, it's very intimidating, and I'm hoping the will at least have the forethought to not interview him in front of the suspect. Seeing him there and him shooting dirty looks or whatever would prompt me to have a private in-chambers testimony. Saying a prayer that all goes well. Glad you are having fun at camp, and looking forward to going back.

Natalie said...

I recently found your blog and find it very interesting.

I am so hoping that things go well in court. What a horrible, awful guy that creep is. I will be keeping you all in my prayers.

I am wishing you a wonderful New Year.

Anonymous said...

Not sure HOW I found your blog...but love reading about your life. Will say a prayer for court with your ds....give him a hug and tell him to be strong and he has prayers coming from Missouri!


The Amazing Trips said...

I hope that everything with your son and that ugly issue goes as well as it can, and that it passes QUICKLY so you can get back to focusing on better things in life.

Like that camping site. WOW. That looks like so much fun!!

Please send me your mailing address because I need to send YOU a box of Joe-Joe's! (You were 1 of 3 winners!)

Cate said...

Your camp sounds awesome! What a dream to have a cabin... :)