Monday, December 14, 2009

Stitches of the fabric and heart...

There are a few blogs I love reading every day.

Its my Cup of Coffee. I have to laugh and cry with them, or else I feel like I'm missing something. Maybe I have to read them to reassure myself that I"m the most obtuse sense of the word!

Kaisa's Christmas Dress, made in about an more tree skirt, but a beautiful dress instead!

I love reading about baking and raising triplets. Even though I don't have triplets, I do frequently have Kaisa, Clara and Coltrane at my house, and they sort of count as triplets right!?

"Atikluk" Aprons I made before getting on CrackBook...

I love reading about other people's lives both in Alaska and not. I enjoy looking at awesome photos and fun house building fun and how to make my own marshmallows!

So as the air of Christmas is around us, take a look with me into the lives of some wonderful and very amazing women who make me laugh, and cry.

Nice and simple!

Then, if you're living in Kotzebue, or plan to visit anytime, come visit me. I will gladly show you how to sew a pair of mukluks, I will laugh with you, and share my patterns and bake with you and share my recipe's...because that's the Eskimo way.

Maybe I like to talk to my Blog friends because I secretly feel like a celebrity, being an Eskimo and eating people's grandmothers and all! ;)


Cate said...

Even though the Daily Good gave you a Best Blog Award at the same time as she gave me one, I couldn't leave you out of my post when I was passing it on... so, hurrah, you got a Best Blog Award twice! :)
PS I love the pictures of the crafts. And I would love that bread you can fill with anything recipe!

Michele S said...

Okay, you Duggar Lover. I am totally going to make it up there someday. Except I saw it was 2 degrees. Ohmygosh!!!! You crazy!

Grace said...

You eat people's grandmothers? I must have missed that entry. :P I love your blog.

Sabrina said...

That dress is absolutely adorable. I got mine at Carters (My favorite Children's store). It wasn't until I got home that I realized the girl's dresses weren't exactly the same, and then I cried-A Lot. I need to fix my sewing machine (Again), I broke it sewing cloth diaper inserts (again).

Finnskimo said...

The Grandmother's post was a while back on the Amazing Trips blog. They went to sea world and said they saw the Beluga exhibit. I posted a comment that we EAT beluga, and her daughter said that she saw her grandmother in the belugas, so its a long giggle between us. :)

Sabrina, I was just telling someone last night that my mom got me my OWN sewing machine when I was 16 yrs old and I still have that same one. It only does like three stitches, but it DOES go through leather and fur, so I can't get rid of old faithful!

Sabrina said...

I need an old faithful myself. I've started getting arthritis in my fingers (My grandmother had it bad, but I'm only 28!!!) and it takes me too long to make the cloth diaper inserts. The covers are easy to do by hand, but the inserts with all the layers just hurt too much. I am going to try to fix it again, if I can't get it fixed this time, I'm going to a store and asking for the most basic thing they have that can sew through no less than 5 layers of fleece/hemp, or fleece/bamboo. I WISH I had an "Old faithful", but to be honest, it's just a Singer my husband got me for our 4th anniversary...I wanted one so I could sew curtains and things for our baby...he's 5 now, and I've sewn so many things for him. I'm currently stopped working on a life-quilt for him. I have several pieces of different pieces of clothing he's worn the last 5 years and I'm making it into a quilt. I have started doing the same with his sisters, and I've really enjoyed it. I'm also putting a few pieces of my wedding dress train in each of them. It all tells a story, something my old Polish grandmother taught me. If only I could get passed the stiffness in my fingers. As for eating beluga, never had that...had shark once, didn't care for it. Swordfish was ok though.