Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We took it literally!

If you're not in the Christmas Spirit, and are feeling down, then I'd highly suggest one of two things.

One: Go out to a Shelter, or a Soup Kitchen and volunteer. Go to a Children's ward of your local inpatient hospital and visit with the parents there. Run on over to the senior center down the street and share stories with Elder's who may not have anyone to visit with. You'll quickly realize what you have, and soon, barring a heart of coal, you'll be in the spirit once again!

Two: Elf yourself.

No one...and I mean, NO one can resist the awesomeness of Elf'ing yourself. Whoever came up with this was GENIUS. I mean, you can Elf yourself, your sisters, or your Co-IRKers who just won't stop wearing their Expensive Suits to work making your JC Penny garb look like rags. Elf them. You'll chuckle in no time. Make sure when you Elf yourself or your family and friends, that you watch the Hip Hop version. It is the best. Well, that and the disco one. Or wait, its the Country one. Sigh...just do it. It's fun.

Our family doesn't do anything Small. So, we decided to literally ELF ourselves. Well, we're Elf'ing the girls and I anyway. Our company is having a Christmas Party and since our company is always in the mood for some Holiday Fun (come on, what company is NOT? It lifts the employees spirits and morale!), they sent out an email for us to dress up as Elves.

Since I'm not working, I thought it might be unfair for me to sew all day because my co-workers are at work all day, so I started sewing at about six last night and finished the girls outfits, which, of COURSE, they wore to SCHOOL today! What can I say? I got mad sewing skillz!

I'm not sharing my own costume, you'll have to come to the party to see that!

So...again. Christmas is just 17 days away! Get in the spirit!


gpc said...

They are adorable - you're right, that's the spirit!

Sabrina said...

adorable! I love the costumes! Your girls are just precious!