Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eternal Gifts

I looked under our beautiful tree this year and realized a few things...

This is entirely too many cookies to bake and decorate for one person who works full time!

1. We have one present. From me to Dean, and I didn't make it this year, because what more could I possibly make for that man that already has everything? (He did mention a pair of sealskin pants though)

2. My children are getting one present this year and I have yet to start on either of them...

3. My daughter drew a picture showing the Nativity Scene and on it was a "thinking bubble." In that bubble were the words, "I think I'll name him Jesus. Yeah." And she had also written a letter to santa, unbeknownst to me and wrapped it up in pretty ribbon and hung it from the tree. (I opened it, and it said, "My Dearest Santa, Please could you just get me my DS back and all the games? If not, a phone that works. Love Kaisa")

4. Both my children have not once asked where the presents are and why we don't have anything under the tree...

Anyway...I've been to many a household where there are excessive presents under the tree ( its OK cause they're your grandkids!) and everything from underwear to games are wrapped separately just so the kids get to open MORE and MORE and MORE. I'll admit, I too, once had that feeling...I needed to make sure my kids opened MORE presents.

Yup, still decorating snowflakes!

After really learning the story of Jesus' birth and knowing the feelings that Mary had while in labor, and how she must have felt while he was growing up, knowing she'd have to give him to God and let him lead a nation, I think I just stopped worrying about presents.

My favorite, FAVORITE presents were always the ones my grandma, aana or mom made for me. Mukluks, mittens, hats, parky's, atikluks, and sweaters and socks. It was never the strawberry shortcake house that was ruined in two months, or the California Raisin that stayed hidden under the bed. It was always the gifts that meant a lot, that I used and that, at the time, I probably complained about.

"MUKLUKS? Again?! Adii MOM!!!"

What I would give if someone ELSE made me mukluks. This is why my kids and husband have everything, parkies, mukluks, mittens, hats, and I have nothing but an old REI down jacket made for 20 degree weather. Right now, our wind chill is negative forty five below zero. Lotta good my REI jacket does me now.

What I am most proud of is the fact that neither of my kids are asking why we don't have presents. My son mentioned to us that he would be happy with a Wii game, because he knew I wasn't working and Dean was in between jobs right before Christmas. He wasn't asking for the world, just a game. He also said that warm gloves would be nice.

As for Kaisa. Santa Grandma came to the rescue and got her a DS, and we did get her a game, but will put that in her stocking. She has been telling me the story of Jesus' birth for a few days now, sleeping with my in my bed, propping the "Bible for Kids" to the page she wants me to "learn" before we get up. We talk about it in the morning. She says things like, "I am so happy Jesus died for our sins. I am so lucky that he did, because I would go to ... you know, cause I lied yesterday..."

That Eskimo Cookie is about nine inches tall... Sorry about the polar bears sniffing each others butts, but how else are they supposed to get to know each other?

Only eight more days until Christmas. I hope your family is in the Christmas Spirit. Also, if you feel like sending gifts our way, we surely won't deny them! haha...


SimplySweeter said...

Have you ever considered taking orders for a pair of mukluks and selling them online??? They look beautiful!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I am dying to know the recipe for the icing on your cookies! They look great!!!

Sabrina said...

Beautiful!!! Those are some of the most beautiful cookies I've ever seen!!! I know what you mean about presents, presents, presents, my children only get a few each. We are trying to teach them that Christmas is not about how many presents you get, but appreciating what you have when others dont, spending time with family, and helping others.

Maia said...

Your cookies are amazing. My hands are cramping just looking at them. Will you come to my mom's house and frost hers so I don't have to?

merinz said...

Amazing cookies! I have been so inspired by your cookies that I spent much of yesterday afternoon making some too.

I decorated them today but sadly I don't have your skill and mine as not nearly as artistically attractive.