Thursday, December 3, 2009

Blah sort of days...

Well, when I thought about what happened today, it seemed like a Blah day to ME. But when I think about what it seems like to other people, it might be sort of an adventure!

First, I decided that I needed to FINISH the slippers I started for Dean's mom, especially after she had "slippers" on her Christmas wish list. So, I did.

THEN, for Lunch, we had leftover Heart and Tongue Soup. Mmm, the BEST soup ever. Our favorite, the tastes like Patiq (bone marrow), which is ANOTHER favorite.

After that, I re-decorated the tree, because we CAN NOT FIND our ornaments. The sweat and toil that people (my kids, my grandma, etc) used while making all those handmade ornaments, is ALL FOR NOTHING. Cause we lost em. I mean, like they're really REALLY lost. Sorry. So, Corina gave us some awesomely beautiful ornaments to fill our void tree! THANKS.

Kaisa's been sickly for the past two days, and she stayed home again. I don't feel so bad, as her teacher said her class had NINE students in attendance today. Nine. So, I'm not the only parent keeping her child home. She LOVES to watch TV, but I also find her sneaking around and reading her books. (Yes, with HER sealskin slippers)

All day today, I've frosted hundreds of sugar cookies. Ugh...I HATE. SUGAR. COOKIES. I love to eat them, but DON'T MAKE me frost them OK!? Cause I won't.

So, guess what? Today, Grandma bought pizza's for dinner. I AM SO HAPPY for Frozen Pizza's!

(Come on now folks, don't forget, I live in the Arctic, so we can't just call our local Pizza Hut. We ain't got none.)

Tonight is movie night for the Lukins. We're watching "Night at the Museum." I can't wait.

See, for ME, it was a totally boring day. I don't know how YOU feel about it. I'm still freaking out that some of my blog friends can pick up POMEGRANATES off the ground and eat them up. I have to pay seven bucks a pop for each of those sweet seed filled globes of goodness. Sheesh.


TwoYaks said...

I had a friend who thought some Pizza in Fairbanks tasted wrong. It took me a few minutes, before I realized he hadn't had Pizza outside the Vil before. :P

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Pizza place that used to be in Kotz? I suppose it went out like most of the eateries there do? Bayside is actually pretty good for Chinese/Korean food...

theresa4sixsuit said...

I'm wondering how your hands and feet are doing? Are they getting better? My mom and I have been worried about you. How about an update?

Anonymous said...

I can pick pomegranates, too. :) But I love reading about your life.

Finnskimo said...

Pizza House was shut down years and years ago because they were so darned DIRTY that people finally had enough. And for Eskimo's to have enough Dirty, that's pretty bad. I, myself, will just flick bugs, or hair off my meal and keep on eating! haha.

My hands and feet are doing OK. Not, great, but OK. Once I finished the medication, they came back. All weeny and small, but they're back. So, I'm back on a high dose of steroids and and once again the test child of Maniilaq here. So, hopefully they'll figure out what to do, otherwise, I had better just go back to the big City and get it fixed there. Oh, the joys of living in Northern Alaska!

I wish I could pick pomegranates. lucky. All I can pick off the ground is berries!

Sabrina said...

all you can pick off the ground here are pinecones, and maybe some animal droppings. We're finally starting Winter here, so there's nothing outside but Pinetrees and sticks.I'm sorry your blisters are back, that has to be miserable, small or not.