Wednesday, December 9, 2009

On winning and losing...

Well, I didn't win the Elf Contest! Even though I had traditional Finnish "elf" shoes... Leather and hand cobbled even!

There were a few other Elves dressed up, and everyone looked awesome! One person had taken a red dress and a green jacket, cut the dress up the legs, sewn it into a bright red union suit, then cut the arms off the green jacket, used the arms as sort of Leg warmers, and the rest as a vest, and she looked so awesome that I couldn't stop taking photos! Another lady had sewn an atikluk and for a hat, she used a fox tail. Yet another had taken fox puffs (fur made into little puffs for tree ornaments) and used those to adorn her red atikluk, complete with green tights. A few more had store bought costumes and were amazingly bright as well. (I don't have photos of them, because it was a company party, and I don't want to use our company photos for my blog...)

After the contest I tried to explain to my daughter, it was OK that I didn't win. She wasn't having it. She was very upset. I think I have a child who needs to learn that it's OK not to win, or be right all the time.

At school, she's always right. She knows all the answers. Her teacher even says, "Everyone BUT Kaisa, what's five times four...?" Or whatever question she's asking.

I should have known that she would have a melt down. Because every time we play Bananagrams, or Scrabble, or Scene it, or crazy 8's, or just about anything, she freaks if she doesn't win. Where does she get it from?! I mean, seriously, am I like that!?

You can learn a lot from watching your children, cause everything they do is a learned behavior. Sigh...

Anyway, there was an inkling of hope because one of the door prizes, among all the round trip tickets on Alaska Airlines and other fun stuff, were two iPod Nano's. You know, the new ones that can record video?!

Well, I won one of those. Kaisa picked the green one and even though I explained to her that it was MY nano, she held onto it like her life depended on it.

My cool elf shoes were cut off!

She told EVERYONE who came NEAR it, "My mom is going to save this for Christmas. She is going to give it to a VERY NICE little girl in her house. She already has an iTouch, so she's going to save this for SOMEONE SPECIAL, in her house, that's a girl. Right mom?!" Then she'd smile this scary, grinchy, crooked smile. (That's muh girl!)

I think people were sort of scared of her! I know I was. Needless to say, immediately after the party, she was sent to bed WITHOUT ANY SUPPER. (Just kidding, we ate at the party, but I wanted to sound like Max's mom from Where the Wild Things Are...)

And guess who woke up at six this morning all by herself to watch "A Dora Christmas." ??? You guessed it...a VERY NICE little girl in my house. Bright eyed and bushy tailed!


gpc said...

I know you'll miss that nano, lol!

Lisa said...

Even though you didnt win, those costumes rocked! I wish I could whip up something like that! Santa brought me a sewing machine a few yrs ago but it scares me, and sits underneath my daughters bed :)

My 11 yr old son is like your daughter. He was in a geography bee yesterday, didnt win. He was SO upset. We had a big talk about how its ok to not win, you do your best, have fun and thats what counts.

Anonymous said...

Your costume looked great! I got the knives today and the yellow envelope and am very very pleased with the knives! I look forward to giving them to my hubby and son! I have a feeling they are going to be using them alot this spring! Thank you Maija! Loving the blog, I have to check it everyday! Thanks again! Renee
ps tell Dean THANKS!

Ms. ~K said...

In her eyes, her mommy will always be a winner! She's adorable!
Kinda makes me miss teaching first graders, especially this time of year when I have no children of my own to share the magic of Christmas!
Hugs to Kaisa,

PS. I'm heading back to ANC in March for the Iditarod!

Sabrina said...

Adorable! We have a DVR and I recorded A Dora Christmas. My 3 yr old is a DORA fanatic! I've been going all over the place here (I drove almost 80 miles) to try and find the new Dora doll, you know, the "Grown up one"? I can't find her. I am going to have to get her off the Internet I guess. :o(