Friday, December 4, 2009

Decorating Mayhem!

I hate decorating sugar cookies.


Every stupid year, I get myself into making and decorating hundreds of stupid sugar cookies. Don't ask me why. Every year, I also say to myself, "I'll NEVER do this AGAIN!"

But I do. I love to torture myself.

When I was a kid (and STILL today) my mom and us girls made thousands and thousands of cookies for our extended family. Now, I come from a family with over seventy FIRST cousins, on my mom's side alone. She has well over a hundred first cousins, and so on and so forth. She has aunts and uncles galore. Seriously. We're related to the entire town. Why do you think I married a white guy!?

Anyway, we bake and bake and bake. She makes sugar cookies and instead of decorating them, she would mix an egg yolk with food coloring, and us girls "painted" the cookies BEFORE she baked them. Let me tell you, it is the BEST decoration ever. And so easy.

The cookies all get put on a tray on CHRISTMAS, after we've opened our presents and eaten our traditional hotcakes and sausage, and we deliver until well past dinnertime. Everyone is SO happy to get their cookies, and when we don't come, the calls start rolling in.

"I was just wondering if we're getting cookies this year..." Don't worry, you are!

Now, WHY DON'T I DECORATE LIKE THIS TOO!? I don't know. I always remember that awesome trick AFTER I've baked my cookies. Don't forget, I live in the Arctic, so we don't have a lot of "decorating" things to purchase, we make do with what we have. Like canned milk, food coloring and powdered sugar! :)

So, again, I've tortured myself in decorating the cookies this year.

Sigh...when will I ever learn!? (Hey, I think I've heard my parents say that before.)


Lisa said...

I was going to make sugar cookies with my kids but I think since you are already on a roll I'll just send them to Kotzebue! LOL I hate decorating them too and usually, if I can get away with it, end up making other types of cookies instead, like thumbprint cookies or pudding cookies.

gpc said...

You can mix the food coloring with canned evaporated milk and use tht to paint the cookies, too -- it makes a nice shiney glaze, I like it even better than the egg yolks. My kids used to love painting cookies!

But yours look a lot better than anything I ever made!