Tuesday, December 22, 2009


*Disclaimer: This is my own personal opinion...only what I heard from my child. Only what I heard from his friends during the interviews and my feelings because of that. Read at your own risk...

I've written about my son before. His utter maturity scares me. He doesn't lie, or steal or cheat. He giggles when someone cusses. He is yet to find any girls cute, or attractive. He still thinks of them as friends. He likes to hunt, read and play King of the Hill and Free for All.

He's thirteen.

He (aside from some of MY OWN problems) is perfect. When I tell him, "Clean the kitchen and shovel the stairs, you can play out afterwards," he does. But not only does he empty and fill the dishwasher, and wash the other dishes by hand, he cleans the counter off, scrubs the sinks and sweeps the floor, takes out the trash and wipes the cupboards. When I "clean the kitchen" I empty the dishwasher and dishes would be lucky if I rinsed them. As a matter of fact, I doubt Dean or I have washed dishes in months.

He does his own laundry and folds his own clothes. He washes behind his ears and brushes his teeth every day. He talks back, but only to the extent that his sister gets away with...nothing more.

He goes to church regularly and attends every single churches (we have 11 churches here) Youth nights he can. He hunts for is family, for his aana, and our elder friends. He watches with a keen eye and listens with a keen ear. He is brilliant and has skipped one grade so far. If we wanted, we could skip him again, but that would put him at age fifteen graduating high school.

Koy and Tim wrestling against each other...

He loves to play any sports around. He doesn't care if he's any good, he simply enjoys it. He plays basketball, wrestles, runs cross country, skis any chance he can get, loves to play football in the snow, and would do more if more was available in Kotzebue. Its not, so he and his friends make stuff up.

When he sees a kid being bullied, he runs to their aide. The Girls in his class tell me that he is very popular, but doesn't talk much. He giggles a lot and is quiet. They probably like him because he doesn't pay any attention to them!

He is a GOOD KID.

And his friends are the same way. The boys he hangs out with are good kids. They are all the same. Hunters, Friends, Teachers, Pupils, Caretakers, etc.

So, I find it hard to believe that anyone could "accidentally" hide under a set of stairs waiting, planning an attack on young kids. How could he accidentally wait for three 13 year olds who were coming from a Christian man's home after looking at his traps, and ACCIDENTALLY jump out and tackle those boys, while cussing them out, calling them names and making them feel like they were going to die forcing those boys to hide.

While ONE boy was hurt so severely, all he could do was scream for help.

I find it hard to believe that someone could ACCIDENTALLY hold two 13 year old boys hostage in an entry way, while ACCIDENTALLY yelling "I'll take you out, I'll teach you how not to steal from me."

I find it hard to believe that someone could ACCIDENTALLY break two bones in one leg, bruise up a boy and ACCIDENTALLY yell at him that he was NOT HURT and that he needed to "GET UP NOW you big baby."

I find it hard to believe that someone could ACCIDENTALLY scare young NATIVE boys into thinking that they were going to die because someone ACCIDENTALLY said that he would "teach them a lesson they would never forget."

And I find it very disturbing that the person who ACCIDENTALLY did all of this is sitting at home, accidentally spending Christmas with his family, while One boy is being MEDEVACED to Anchorage three days before Christmas, and that that boys ENTIRE family now is going to Anchorage to spend Christmas with him because he has to have surgery on that leg. And by the way, that boy's family is a family of SEVEN.

And I find it very disturbing (AND YES I AM GOING TO SAY IT) that the attack was by a white male on three young native boys. Someone please explain this ACCIDENT to me, because my brain must be fried if I JUST CAN'T SEE IT.

But, I also find it very heartwarming that the three boys have been closer than ever. They love each other, and fought for each other, while being ACCIDENTALLY beat up. They cried with each other and they laughed together at the hospital. They opened presents together and they talked about hunting when his leg is better.

They were worried about the family of the attacker and how they would feel. They prayed for him, and prayed for their mothers (because we needed the prayer the most I think...) and they watched cartoons together. They told their mom's that they were OK, not to worry.

They are exactly what Christmas embodies. They have huge spirits, and they have even bigger hearts.

They are my hero's and I feel so awful not being more like them.


Summer said...

I am glad everyone is okay (in all the important ways), but why is this man not in jail???

The Force Family said...

I have no idea what happened but it sounds terrible. I'm am brought to tears by this disgusting display of actions. I am truly sorry that anyone would have to go through this at all. I know that you will stay after the PD to make sure something is done and the case not dropped, in either criminal or civil court. My prayers are with you and your son. (and the other two even if I don't know who they are)

sel said...

Poorly raised children come in all colors. Kids mirror what they learn at home or are allowed to be exposed to by those in charge of them. Thank god that the kids are ok and thank god for my very wonderful nephew.

gpc said...

As a bumper sticker down here says, 'mean people suck.' I am glad the boys are centered enough to leave this horror behind and become good men despite it. (and they way you describe them, I wish I could meet someone just like them, only much much older, lol!)

Sabrina said...

Goodness, this is terrible. I'm glad the boys are ok. How terrifying. I guess you have crazy, mean people even there. Prayers for emotional and physical recoveries all around!

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, that is just absolutely horrible!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. That is so awful. I'm glad that the kids are able to forgive because bitterness kills. Is your son alright?

Anonymous said...

I don't see how race plays into this story...I caught 3 native boys with 2 white kids trying to steal gas from my vehicles/gas drum. I cursed profusely at them. I have no idea what their background was...how old they were...in fact I had no idea what color they were at the time of the incident. I'm not defending this guy, I'm just saying that race had NOTHING to do with it.

Anonymous said...

I follow your blog regularly and your son sounds truly remarkable-a reflection of what he is taught at home. God bless him and his friends. Their ability to forgive and think of others is incredible. I hope the perpetrator is charged and punished to the fullest extent of the law. My prayers are with you and the families involved and the recovery of the boy with the injured leg. The boys have certainly exemplified the spirit of the Christmas season!

Finnskimo said...

Anon at 11:42 - first of all, way to stay anonymous, awesome. Its a good thing I have a tracker and know exactly which internet connection you're using. Hope you were at work so we don't know who you are.

Second of all, Yup, you're right, race has nothing to do with it when the attacker continuously yelled at them, "all you natives are the same...fucking dumbasses."

He must have been talking about Native Alaskan's not Alaska Natives.

But, I forgot, it was all AN ACCIDENT. He accidentally got the wrong natives.

Anonymous said...

I find it extremely difficult to believe that the Alaska State Troopers or Kotz. Cops are not going to press charges against this man for assault and battery; what this man did would constitute assault and battery and most certainly would find him being arrested and charges pressed.
What a horrible thing to have happen to your son and his friends, terrible...

I know there is some racial tension in town, I am supposing this has not helped?

Please keep us informed as to the proceedings of what happens to the perpetrator.

cindy shake said...

Please tell us your son and his friends are OK!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family this Christmas Day.

*Believe it or not, even though I'm just down the state from you in Anchorage, I stumbled upon your Blog via the Amazing Trips! Amazing huh?! Again, as a Mom of another very good boy, I was so sad to read about what happened to your sweet, sweet boy. xox

Anonymous said...

“It’s a good thing I have a tracker and know exactly which internet connection you're using.”

Why would one want to open oneself up to the ridicule and ostracism that you would provide if you knew who they were and (God forbid) they were not part of your circle? Tracker? Who do you think you are? Scare tactics.

You should work in politics Finnskimo. The argument in your blog is beautifully orchestrated. Start with painting the foundation. Present the image of an infallible child, mother knows best. Don’t pretend that your child can’t be influenced by the other delinquents in this community. That is not to say that he has become a delinquent himself. At that age, people are easily influenced by their peers.

The building that those three boys were walking under has been the scene of much vandalism to tenants’ personal vehicles.

I will not argue on behalf of the man that everyone has turned their back on.

I will not argue on behalf of the boys that you defend.

I will merely point out that I, for one, can see through your cheap tricks. You don’t know what happened that night anymore than I do. So stop spreading around your rumors as if you are the decider of what is real and what isn’t.

What, your kid told you the story? His version is the 100% truth? I suppose it would be hard for a mother to accept that her child might not be who she dreamed him up to be.

Even if it is found in a fair trial (like that will ever happen) that your boy and his friends are telling the truth, and this man is just a racist prowler that was hiding under the stairs waiting in a blizzard to attack some random children and call them names while he held them “hostage,” what gives you the right to go and publicly present this story from your own one-sided perspective?

This man, and those boys, deserves a fair chance to explain themselves in the appropriate setting. You can’t just go and rally up your posse in an effort to construct your own truth. These are all human beings we are talking about here. Everyone must maintain objectivity. Lives will be changed because of this incident, and everyone should do their part to make sure that no one is hurt for the wrong, selfish reasons.

This must be hard for you and your family. Still, you shouldn’t attempt to make yourself feel better by passing judgment so early into this investigation. It’s not healthy.

I would suspect that this won’t make your published list of comments. That’s fine. I wrote it for you.

Finnskimo said...

Actually, no, my kid didn't tell the story. All three of them were questioned by the police and all three told the exact same thing.

Also, when did I say they were walking under a building?

You can pass your judgment on me for writing in my own personal blog. That's the beauty of a PERSONAL BLOG...I can write whatever I want, because its MINE. You have your choice to read it or not. And I'll pass mine on you for doing what you did to my child.

I don't think you're racist. I am just having a hard time swallowing what you called my child, and his friends. How you made them feel.

Plus, I'm a mother, I can't be held accountable for being mad. You wouldn't understand.

I don't doubt that the only accident was that you jumped the wrong boys. But, still who does that? People have stolen from us, vandalized our property, and we've never EVER jumped on kids with the intent of teaching them a lesson.

Why don't you tell your story...set the "accident" straight?! Why wouldn't I publish your comments? You have just the same right to complain as I do.

P.S. I have a tracker cause I don't want freaks looking for little kids reading my blog. But it does come in handy other times!

Merry Christmas...at three am.

Finnskimo said...

Oh yeah, P.S. you could start by saying your sorry for the accident.

Oh, wait, HE could start by saying sorry for what he did to those boys. That would have been nice.

K'man said...

Wait, Anon. 229am is the guy that allegedly assaulted the underage kids? That takes some cowardly guts to go into your blog to leave comments. Cowardly because if he really felt justified, he would sign his name.
I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Naively, I am surprised there are racial tensions in Kotz. I kind of figured that the only tension would be Alaska vs. the continental 49.
I hope your kids and the others heal quickly, mentally and physically.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that I should apologize for is for making you think that I am your attacker in question. I am not him. I am just a concerned member of the community. Please do not feel that it is in any way connected to him. I feel terrible that the comment came across that way. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I am so disgusted at this whole incident! It is racial...if it was a native MAN who assaulted three white thirteen year old CHILDREN, he'd be behind bars! The truth be told! It also is frustrating that this same MAN takes part in our school functions as well as substitutes. This is an assault no matter how you look at it. I am a mother of three and if this was my child.... Never mind I won't go there. I pray for Koy & this buddies. And believe it or not I pray for the man who did this to them. He must have deep issues that he's dealing with...anger management might help!

queen said...

"...What gives you the right to go and publicly present this story from your own one-sided perspective?"

Uh, the first amendment. Also, this is Finnskimo's blog, so she can say whatever she wants.

Plus, scare tactics? All she's saying is that your attempt at anonymity is failing.

Grow up. I hope you know if you are feeling attacked here, if you feel that publicly there is one side being presented, you have an opportunity to present a different side, right here in the comments. Also, if you feel you can't do that, you can tell it to God. He's better than me, better than a public forum, and he loves you no matter what.

Sabrina said...

k'man, I think you meant continental 48, don't forget Hawaii.