Thursday, December 10, 2009


I have completely valid excuses for hoarding "stuff."

Anyone recognize the "tree skirt?!" Love to re purpose stuff!

I mean, seriously. I went through our over three HUNDRED pairs of socks on my last day off and realized that there HAS to be a better way of matching socks. I mean seriously. I'd rather socks were made DISPOSABLE. Wear once and THROW AWAY!

As for these...I live in the Arctic. Our temps hover around ten below starting next month, and one family can NEVER have too many wool socks. Luckily I have TWO grandmothers who make knitted socks. One who uses only wool and one who uses only acrylic yarn. So, I know who made what!

Seven totes of fabric...fleece, cotton, canvas, etc, etc....

Also, as for the fabric...I like to sew. And I only like to sew when I FEEL like it. And since I live in the Arctic, we don't have a lot of "sewing stuff" around. Whenever I get to a Jo-Ann's fabric, I seriously am like a kid in a candy store. All googly eyes and everything.

Yes, we have absolutely NOTHING under our tree...hence the fabric out, so I can start sewing Christmas presents, we like to make our presents. :)

I don't mind being a hoarder. Of fabric and socks!


gpc said...

You are so clever - and you crack me up, too! I knew some food things were hard to get up there, but it never occurred to me that sewing stuff was scarce, too - you sure do amazing things with everything you touch, it's hard to believe you don't have every imaginable supply!

Sabrina said...

I love that! My best friend is from Iceland. Every year she sends us wonderful hand-made wool hats and gloves/mittens and socks for my kids. They are wonderful and blessedly warm!!! It's -5 here today, and already I'm wishing I had a nice warm pair of wool socks!

The Amazing Trips said...

I love the tree skirt - you are ingenious. And I love the elf video. I think it is incredible how you have made such a miraculous recovery in the past month - and how it looks like you are able to bust some incredible dance moves without even breathing hard. You are a rockstar!!

We went to the "Wild Arctic" exhibit today and Sea World and I thought of you when I saw the belugas. I told them that they were lucky to be HERE and not up in your next of the woods, or they'd be dinner and some candles. :)

Dorice said...

I'm new to your blog but thoroughly enjoying learning about your "neck of the woods". I stumbled upon your block just as you were getting ill and was SERIOUSLY concerned for you and SO glad to see you are recovering. Hope they can keep that cleared up for you.

What I really wanted to comment on was the socks!!!! They are the least favorite part of laundry for me. It doesn't matter how many "pairs" I put in the load, I never seem to get the same number out of the dryer. I'm certain there is a sock monster that lives at my house. Ugh. I have an ongoing basket of mismatched socks that I occasionally go through to find missing pairs.