Monday, May 25, 2009

Yet another Happy Birthday!

Nor wind, nor rain, nor spring snow storms will stop THIS family from having an outdoor birthday party in the thirty degree weather with kids clad in short pants and t-shirts.

Oh yes, I MADE them play outside! ALL our plans were to be outside the entire party, we'd eat outside, we'd play outside and we'd party outside. Then it started to rain. And rain. And rain.

And well, some of our kids aren't "used" to rainy snowy weather, so they complained. So, I did what any other great mother would do. I bribed them. I bribed them with Creamsicle Float's and Prizes, and Eskimo Bingo.

Eskimo Bingo is like crack to these kids.

Quick cap of Eskimo Bingo. Two plates, kids in a circle. Five minute song. Two sets of dice, one on each plate. 5-10 prizes wrapped in the middle of the circle. Start song, kids try to roll doubles, if they roll a double, they get a prize, if they don't they pass to the next person. Once there are no prizes in the middle, if you roll a double, you may STEAL from the next person. Easy, peasy, one, two, threesy! We tend to put simple things in the middle, from the dollar store, cookies, etc. And we always put ONE big prize, usually five bucks rolled into a little cigar!

Back to the birthday party: We started out with a gunny sack race, then moved on to a three-legged race, and finished off our outdoor adventures with a water balloon toss.


three legged

Cathy was nice enough to come over to take really good pictures of the kids outside! (I stole a couple!)

lighting the way

We did manage to make that illustrious ice cream cake with home made ice cream and raspberry jam/butter cream filling. Can I just say, MMMM! It was GOOD! We put a cherry cake under the homemade vanilla ice cream and it was great!

kids blowing

After Eskimo Bingo, the kids thoroughly enjoyed busting each other with punchballs.



Momma needs a glass of big girl kool-aid! (aka, wine)

Max's explaination of the party, " Man this is EVEN better than LAST YEAR!"
Maddie's explanation, "It WAS better!"

Mission Accomplished.

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