Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Sixth Sense...

Friday was SUCH a busy day, we were in preparation for the twins, and Dean's mom to arrive, and we had TWO softball meetings to attend, just super busy.

At around 10:00 p.m., I figured I was HOME free. Nothing bad could happen right?! I must have knocked on some bum wood, cause holy moley did it start to pour!

Have I ever said that I have a sixth sense? Seriously. I have always just known things, and thought I was weird. Well, my sixth sense kicked me in the ass Friday. And it kicked hard.

Just about five minutes before the kids started yelling, I had a feeling that I should just go. Just get up out of the meeting, and leave. I don't know why. My body wanted to leave. My mind didn't. So, of course, I stayed.

As soon as the kids came running in the door at my friend's house, she graciously lent us the house for our womens softball team meeting, I knew. I knew it was either MY kid, or MY car, or MY shoes...whatever was wrong, it belonged to me.

window breakage

So, the kids yelled, "the WINDOW, THE WINDOW! THE WINDOW IS BROKEN!"

I smiled, and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE ran outside. My car was parked in the middle of FIVE vehicles. RIGHT in the middle.

shucks poor window

I should have left.


So, the window's broken. I walked over to the parent's of the kid who broke it and laughed it off. I knew they were mad enough, so I figured, oh well, its just a window.

Not only did the window break, but we all thought we heard metal scraping against metal when we drove it that day, but of course, didn't do anything about it.

Saturday morning, IMMEDIATELY before we were to pick the family up at the airport, the scraping metal sound stopped. Hmm...what do I do when it stops? I stop the car, and open the hood.

There was nothing different, nothing scary, nothing weird going on, so I stared. Stared and stared at it. I put some power steering fluid in it, and as I was holding the can of fluid. While I was staring, and the car was on, I had a sense of fear that the belt would break and hit me in the face. So, what do I do? I put the can of power steering fluid in front of my face and stared some more.

Can you guess what happened next?

The belt broke, flew upwards, smacked the can of fluid out of my hand, burned a bit of my finger, and screamed. Something else flew off, and I screamed some more, and ran inside the house.

Yeah...sixth sense. I'm not ignoring it again.

All things are not lost and forlorn though. My uncle had the EXACT window in his shop, just waiting for a kid to bust he's putting that on the car on Tuesday. Nice eh?! Remember we live above the Arctic Circle, and it costs an arm and a kidney to ship anything up here. AND...we went to the one and only hardware store here, and they HAD MY PART, you know, the one that flew up and hit me in the hand (almost face). So, we paid for those parts and within five minutes, the car was fixed, and the metal screeching against metal sound was no longer a reality!

Anyway... at least its drivable right?!

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