Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How to eat seagull eggs, by Kaisa

"Here is how to eat seagull eggs (sounds like see-gl) momma. First you let Uyaana's dad get you some.

egg in a pot

"Uhm, first after that you boil em. Well, you put some hot water and you put them in the pot and just wait for it. That's how to boil.

seagull eggs 1

"Then put one on a plate, and then you crack it.

peeling eggs

"And, and then you cut it. Then you eat it, when you're done taking all of the shelves off of it.

cutting eggs

"Well cut them in half, and then, you sprinkle them. You know, with salt. THEN you eat them mom...with a fork, or your hand.

seagull eggs 2

"They taste good, that's how you make em.

"Did I do good, did I get an "A" momma?"

eating eggs

Yes, YES you did baby!


Rocksee said...

I love the past picture at the end! So cute!

Cathy said...

And they taste just like fishy chicken eggs.

jen said...

Too cute. They look just like Chicken eggs inside. But they taste "fishy"?