Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things I've learned...just a few!

If I wrote down everything I've learned, this would be a novel. Cause you know, people learn from their mistakes and God knows I've made a LOT of mistakes. Anyway... you can't follow a post like the previous one with just anything, right?!

I've learned that when you really love someone, it shows. There are no questions, it just is. Ask anyone around me during the time Dean and I met. (quite gross if you would have asked me!) It took me a while to accept that someone loved me, as I felt "unlovable" for some time...but its freakin great man, to be taken care of. I'd suggest it to any and all who ask!


I've learned that money can't buy happiness/love/excitement/etc, etc... For a long time I told myself, "if I only had more money, then I'd be happy..." So, I worked, and accumulated a lot of money. I was still unhappy. Now, my husband and I are living paycheck to paycheck (thanks to the cost of living here) and I'm extremely happy! So, I haven't bought myself new shoes/boots/jacket in years, but I have a house, and a car that (usually) runs. There's always something going wrong, but you know, it comes with the territory! And I'm freakin happy! I'd seriously be happy living at camp with no running water, and electricity. I'd get a lot of reading and sewing done, that's for sure!


I've learned that prayer really is the best you can do for some people. I used to be bitter, and vindictive, I wanted revenge...and then one day, I had an epiphany. Why? What good does it do to me, or my family to be that way?! So, now I'm not. And believe me, its NOT hard to not be that way. Its very easy to pray too. It felt a little weird and was hard at first, but when people really piss me off, the simplest thing I can do is pray. Especially if there is nothing I can do about it. Hey, grin and bear it man. Not everyone is as cool as I am! haha

all girls

I've learned that saying No is OK. It's still really, REALLY hard for me to say no to people. "Can I borrow $50?" 'Uhm... well, uh, we don't really have any money....but...uh.....well, I can probably find you $50, if you need it..." Yeah, can you say WUSS?! So, now my quick answer is, "I'll talk to Dean." And that usually thwarts any additional requests for anything. I know, wuss way out, but its hard to say no...especially to my family.

laura sam

I've learned that everyone ALWAYS has a choice. I argued this, and would still argue it, had I not just sat and really thought about it. Really, you always have a choice. You can choose to get up happy, or you can choose to let something/someone bother you. What about when facing death? What about if someone was hurting you? Well, you still have a choice on how you're going to react, or act. Always choices, always. I'm trying to make the best ones. Trying.

kais and al

I've learned to keep my big mouth shut! Or, well, I'm LEARNING! We should always keep our words soft and tender, because tomorrow, we may have to EAT them. And believe me, I've had many a word sandwich following some blowout about nothing. I also am trying to use SOFT words, especially to my kids. Not to overreact when something comes up. Its hard to change the type of person you is. But, its right and feels good. Know who I learned this from?! Michelle Duggar! The woman with like 19 kids. I LOVE her. She is so soft and tender and genuinely LOVES ALL HER KIDS.

ally dancing

I've learned that its OK to spill juice/mud/blood on the tan carpet. Especially when the juice was a gift from your two year old who really, REALLY wanted to get you some juice, because "you jest yooked sooo thoowsty momma." Always, ALWAYS accept a gift from a child. They really do have the best intentions. For the past two years or so, we've gotten daily letters from Kaisa. Before she learned how to sound letters out we got letters, and they all say the same thing, "I love you momma, do you love me? Love your best daughter Kaisa. You are the best." Ahhh.

ahlu and upik dancing

I've learned that life is tough...but I am much tougher! I had a rough life, a rough childhood, a rough young adulthood, and just now its getting smoother! My actions and my choices affected that, so now that I'm making better choices, and life is great! But I am one tough watch out!

girls posing

I think that's enough for today! Right now, I need to make a good decision about what I'm going to eat for lunch, as its my lunchtime. Good Choice, Bad Choice, that's what Kaisa says.


The Amazing Trips said...

This is an awesome post.

So, can I borrow $50.00? Dean said he was going to clear it with you...

Anonymous said...

This is a great post! And such wonderful pictures. Very introspective!