Thursday, May 28, 2009

We don't just eat em...

We raise em too!


So...its two am. The ducklings arrived yesterday morning right before an important teleconference I was supposed to attend.

The Post Office called and said, "Maija, your chicks or ducks are here, and they're loud, go get them!"

happiness cardboard box

So I did.

The kids were not awake yet and were damn near crazy to wake up to the little peepers. Ducks are like kid crack. But, I have something to bribe them with now, so it works out fine for me.


"What? The floor isn't vacuumed? You're not feeding the ducks!"

dean and spike

"Who didn't empty the dishwasher? You can't take the ducks swimming..."

Me and Spike

Yeah, It's like that.

Right now, I'm listening to the sounds of our ducklings impromptu karaoke session. Apparently, they don't realize its 2 in the MORNING, you know, cause the sun is still shining down on them.

According to the kids, happiness arrives in a cardboard box from the Post Office. I also picked up Dean's 4-wheeler part, so he agrees that happiness arrives in cardboard box, but its of another variety!

messy eaters

After he's done fixing his 4-wheeler, he's gonna build them a little box, one with a cleanable floor, and maybe a ramp with room for a tiny pool. We are master rigger's, so we'll figure something out. For now...the kids are happy, the dogs are suspicious, (don't forget, they're DUCK dogs!) and momma needs to sleep!

shockie and spike


Quack, Quack, or as my ducklings say, "peep, peep, peepppppp, peeeeep." Good night!

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The Amazing Trips said...

When we went to visit our friends recently - they had little yellow fuzzy chicks that were only 5 days old. While I stood swooning over the sheer adorableness of their baby chickens, they told me they'd be eating them within a few months.

So, when they weren't looking, I stuffed them under my shirt and busted them out of there...