Thursday, May 7, 2009

"If I only had a _____"

Spring? What spring?! Its cold and snowing here!

snow on my car
Yup. That's SNOW on my car...from early this morning.

But snow don't stop us natives from enjoying ourselves. This am, the youngest saw her bike lying on the ground, half covered in snow, and exclaimed, "OH NO! MY BIKE! Better ride it so the snow comes off..."

And ride it she did. Once the bikes come out, its a fight to get them back in the storage spaces until winter.

biking in the snow 2

Today is the second to last day of school. So Happy Its Thursday! Tomorrow's weather is forecasting the same, flurries, cold, snow.

So much for my fantasy about a nice last-day-of-school picnic with all Kaisa's classmates clamoring about their new kites as they "Soar into First grade." (I know, great idea right?!)

Next week, I'll have no kids in school. Well, Max and Maddie, but they don't come for their summer vacation until the end of May. No kids in school here, means they'll be home...ALL DAY...with full access to Cable TV, Nintendo DS, Wii and the Internet. Hmm...

Knock, Knock. Who's there? Eyemunna. Eyemunna who? Eyemunna slowly suck the brain power out of your kids all summer....

Wii know you're all looking for someething to do with your kids that doesn't involve game controllers. I know I am! I mean, the Wii is great when the temperatures hit seventy below for 22 days straight, and the kids are tired of running up and down the hall fetching a ball. Oh, did I say kids?! Momma needs the Wii too. I'm gonna WIN the biggest Loser-Kotzebue, for the prize money of course!

Well...GAME ON with the "Project of the Month Club!" PERFECT for people like us, who live in rural area's because we don't have a lot of craft supplies...things to keep us too busy in the long, cold winter...or the summer, when its time to be inside!

Project of the Month
Find it at

Sign up for a subscription, monthly, quarterly, etc., and a fully loaded box will arrive at your door, complete with all the supplies needed to make an array of projects. From bridges, to pillows, the possibilities are endless!

Biking in the snow

For now, we will hope for a break in the snow so the kids at June Nelson Elementary can party on for their last day of school tomorrow. And Soar into the next grade level!

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TwoYaks said...

Haha! I love the biking in xtra tuffs.

Some folks around Fairbanks never put away their bikes. I always thought they were a little crazy, peddling around at -reallycold° F. Anyone do that over in Kotz?