Friday, May 8, 2009

Snow, Snow go AWAY!

Come again another day! Little Kiddo's want to play...SNOW, SNOW go AWAY!

Today is the last day of school. Anyone out there who is experiencing warmer weather, send some waves our way!

It snowed all night...snowed all night, snowed all night with this DJ. Oops, I just busted into song. Can you tell I'm happy its Friday! Yay.

Off to work. Send us some warm weather, so my kids don't have to wear their winter gear to the Last-Day-Of-School picnic.


*I had to share my window scene from this morning...Its one of our company vehicles that sat outside for the night.


snow on the car


Allmycke said...

We had the same thing happening here a couple of days ago... I'm with you!
My word verification is "pulsi" which could almost be a Finnish/Swedish word for walking in depp, soft snow.

Ms. ~K said...

Kind of difficult to excited about summer vacation w/ the snow, huh??
Sending warm, sunny thoughts to you from Georgia!