Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I spy...

With spring in the Arctic, comes a plethora of items that once were lost, but now are found.

So, we like to play a little game. Prior to the snow melting, we make a list of the things that were previously "lost" (i.e. left outside, then it snowed and we were too lazy to dig them up) and see who gets the most right.

Today, it hit FORTY degrees out! Whoop, whooooop! So, needless to say, we have a bunch of crap in our yard that needs to be cleaned up. But then again, we can't really do that until our hose magically appears from under the snow!

I spy with my springy eye...

I spy 1

A black grill, Dean's friend so we can eat,
Two coolers that in winter stored meat,
and a poor lonely fan that blew and that blew,
and I see Koy's brown and white bike that's new.

Not just that cause during a storm our window fell,
fell onto the ground and put our two dogs under a spell.

Kaisa lost a helmet that's pink,
and I spy a juice cooler that's EW! probably stink.
The dresser and rim were broken, and now are gone,
but that's ok, I see three fold up chairs to sit on.

And last of all in this fine picture, I spy a tote
we always put stuff away in and stored,
And on the ground a green dead extension cord.

We're not done, no-siree,
There's another picture, lets go look and see.

I spy 2

In this photo, I see lots of ugly SNOW,
and of course, momma and daddy's cool snow-go's.

In that pile I see a corner of the summer trampoline,
and two plastic sleds that are red...not green.

Whoa! you may say, many things are still buried and gone,
But I spy my old 4-wheeler that Shockey chewed on.

That new $8,000 outboard motor is safe in its box,
but not so safe are Kaisa's red socks.

Oh me, oh my, I spy the corner of our basket sled,
And the blanket shockey used this winter that's red.

And now my poem is all finished, all done.
Come back next May, for some more I spy fun!

Yeah, that's my nod to my favorite author, Dr. Seuss! :)

Here's my nod to the MEN who are going to clean that springy I spy mess.

YOU GUYS ROCK! THANK YOU for not complaining and making me do it! :)

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Ms. ~K said...

Can you hear me laughing down here in Georgia???
Great post!