Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fishing stinks.

When you don't catch anything.

Today is my last "quarantined" day in my poor, germ infested house. I broke down and bought some bleach, donned the appropriate gear for someone allergic to bleach and proceeded to clean house. Well, not CLEAN per say, but DISINFECT.

I did manage to draw some cool superhero type things on my gloves though, so there was that.

I have to leave now, or else my lungs will explode into bits and pieces, because of all this bleachy smell. ICK. At least my family is safe though. Right. Isn't that what a good mom is supposed to say?

Oh yeah, and I am also in mourning because I was going to be a nice neighbor and bust out some curtains for our tenant at the B&B, you know, midnight sun and all. And my poor Betsy Broke...she is slowly dying. I rushed to the nearest hardware store (shoot, ONLY hardware store) and got some WD-40 and little tools, and took Betsy no avail. Alas, she is gone.

RIP Betsy. I loved you so much for the FIFTEEN years you were my partner sewing beautiful bridesmaids dresses, dolls, easter bunnies, 500 atikluks (Eskimo Summer Dresses), and even sewing all of my families outer parka's. Oh, I am just so sad.

My sister said I could have her sewing machine, since she's never used it. But...its JUST NOT THE SAME.

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Fawn said...

I've switched to disinfecting using peroxide and vinegar. Google it -- it is apparently just as, if not more, effective than bleach at disinfecting. And so much easier to breathe!

Hope everyone is feeling better now.

Except for Betsy. Poor Betsy. Wow, you really put her through the paces!