Monday, May 18, 2009

I am so happy!!!

Oh you don't even understand! Today was the Grand Re-Opening of the Arctic Sun Coffee Shop at the Post Office... aahhhh.... (cue the angels singing)

Coffee Cup

I know, I know, I have an espresso machine in my office, but who wants to lug milk around, and make a mocha when you can just GO TO THE POST OFFICE and get one?

Why, oh why you ask am I so happy?! Well, need I remind you that I live above the Arctic Circle and amidst our plethora of hunting, fishing, trapping and REAL camping, alas, we do NOT have a coffee shop to speak of. (Well, we have one, but its not worth talking about because they apparently took the book "Barista for Dummies" to heart...)

Coffee Girl

And now, oh NOW, my beloved Coffee Shop is open. Ahhh...bliss. Its the simple things in life that people take for granted when they live in "America." Like drive through coffee shops. Yea, those of you (and you know who you are) who balk at the mere sight of another drive through need to be stoned. Think of us unfortunate souls who must suffer through the day minus that jolt of caffeine in our morning ritual.

No amount of camp coffee can change my taste buds. Ick, patooey. I must have much more white blood in me, cause I can't STAND camp coffee. Its like ground beans in sludge...almost as brown as the water after breakup! And tastes the same too. I'd rather lick the underbelly of a muskrat when they're in heat than drink a cup of camp coffee. Ick.


Yes, I know, I know...spoiled I may be...but only when the shop is open. And its OPEN. YES. So, I'm on to enjoy my FIVE dollar (YES, American prices to boot! No more nine dollar gross stuff from the-place-to-remain-unnamed) 16 oz Which Chocolate Caramel Mocha. Its run by the local Volunteer Fire Department, so buying one may save your life one day. I plan to buy one every day. I'll give up Dt. Dr. Pepper for this. Wait, maybe I won't do THAT, but I'll give up my afternoon snack of carrots for this! :)

The coolest tip jar you'll ever see...

Aaaahhh...I can hear the choir singing praises now... in my head...that's jittery from caffeine. :) YES!


KC said...

Hmmph! Coffee doesn't taste good until it's gone through the grounds at least twice! Anything else, and you're drinking fruity water. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think the drive-through coffee shops are one of the BEST things about AK. When in Anchorage last summer I totally od'd on caffeine by stopping just about every time I saw one. Money be damned - it is SUCH good coffee it was worth way more than another "souvenier."!! And now I want to start a drive through coffee shop in my little town, but I don't think it would catch on!

Rocksee said...

That's awesome.. I wish my firemen would do that..!!