Sunday, May 31, 2009

Softball mayhem, day two!

mikes catch

Snow, snow, snow! Well, flurries of a sort anyway. Let the record show that we DID have snow on day two of our annual softball tournament, I just didn't capture it on film, as I was PLAYING four games in a row!

Team 2 dugout

Actually, I wussed out, was hurt by a hard throw, broke a blood vessel in my hand, couldn't grip the bat, and was taken out of the last game. :( You know the one...the game where your team wins by a landslide and you can't say you contributed!

mary jane
Yes, we played in winter jackets and carharts!

Once, though, we did have a glimmer of hope that we might get a little sun, but that was soon thwarted by the oncoming fog and teeny tiny snowflakes that followed our tease of a sun ray. Oh well, maybe next year. There was minimal snow on the field, but way out in right someone plucked a goose and left all the feathers for the wind to carry onto the rest of the field. Lucky guy.

Harley, our pitcher who was called out during a game to re-fuel the jet that was on the ground. We stopped and waited for him to return! We're like that.

My kids were smarter (I was smarter) today, and wore snow pants, boots, hats and gloves, then decided not to watch, and instead spent the entire day at the Boys & Girls Club next door. At least if they WANTED to watch, they would have been ready! Right?!

Hubbs, playing third longjohns!

So, bragging rights?! Oh, yeah, that goes to our team...Team 2! We won the first game we played, lost the second, and consequently played the next three games in a row to win the double elimination tournament. My husband was S.O.R.E. this morning when he woke up. Not me...remember I got kicked out of the game (took myself out) for a sick bruise on my hand. But, since we played Elsa's team in the Championship games, I do have bragging rights!

team 2
Yay, team 2! Bragging rights for a year.

I think everyone had a good chance to fire up all their pistons and blow out the cobwebs we sometimes call muscles this weekend. Few people are in shape, and those who are (suck) simply are supplementing their workouts. For those of us who aren't, this will kick start the usual summer weight!

nelsons catch

Hey...don't knock us, remember we live where its fifty below, we NEED that extra "winter weight!" At least I think I do!

slapping hands

In all, it was a GREAT tournament. Great weather (for US). Great teams. Great fun.

Man I think he's hot!

I can't wait till our regular season opens next Monday... GO Borough Bunniks!!! :)


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