Saturday, May 9, 2009

The siren that rocked my world... (now with pictures!)

So, I'm sitting at my friends house, enjoying a glass of wine (thank you UPS man) and shooting the $hit with my good friends after a long day of ballerinas and breakfast. We hear sirens loud as can be, blaring themselves for the world to hear.

My friends and I, we declare, "must be a fire...sirens aren't usually that loud." We all say a quick prayer for whoever the poor soul is that requires an ambulance. We hear it, louder and louder, until finally it stops, closer than we think. We continue talking about our lives, our kids, etc. Someone asked, "where are the kids?"

"Oh, they're with ______(friends husband), they'll be fine."

erics fault

Amidst a long laugh, one of the boys from the kids group, comes running into the house, "WE NEED YOU!" He says to my friend. She runs outside and says, "Oh no...."

I didn't think about why he would come in. He looks at me sideways, and says to me, "NOT YOU, her." Uh...OK.

Then I hear, "uh, Maija...maybe you should come here...look at what's outside."

So, I smile and walk over to the door only to find the Ambulance, police car, and fire chief, lights blaring, surrounding the ATV's the kids were PREVIOUSLY riding with "friends" husband.

kaisa on the 650

Hmm. What do I do...worry? Not worry? Hmm.

So, I hear, "MAIJA, COME HERE!!!" Sigh.

I put on my Haplinger clogs and trod over to the "scene of the accident" and smile. "What's happening officer?"

"If you don't want your child to be transported to the hospital, please sign here."

"huh? I wasn't here. I don't know what happened....what happened???!"

"Apparently, your child was driving this vehicle, unlicensed, and rolled it over with a passenger."

"Obviously she's unlicensed, she's SIX. DOES SHE NEED MEDICAL ATTENTION?"

Friend's hubby - "NO, they're fine, I don't know who called, they're fine. Look."

She's fine. Smiling. Only a little scared.

kids who crash

Kaisa says to me, "MOM, Mr. Tuning is trying to take me away." Mr. Tuning is her teacher's husband. Mrs. Tuning's husband is trying to take my baby away. What?

"Mrs. Lukin, please sign here."

Ok, I'll sign. I trust my friends, if he says she's fine, then OK...

"Mrs. Lukin please bring her in if she has seisures, blackouts, etc. If you're worried, please don't hesitate to bring her to the ER," he says under hushed giggles.

"Uh, OK."

When we get back to the house, I finally find out what happened. Apparently Kaisa and Gage were in an accident. They were out riding with their friends on 4 wheel ATV's that were recently dug out of the snow. They had SO MUCH FUN, but Kaisa decided she didn't want to follow directions about turning quickly. So, a good samaritan called the ambulance stating, "A child rolled in a 4-wheeler and is stuck underneath."

gages owie

Well, thanks to the good samaritans, but she is fine. Her and Gage both are fine. They look much sorrier than they actually are! The four-wheeler, which I just realized is a Honda 650 4x4, has much more damage than the kids endured!


The only thing she's worried about is that Mr. Tuning might bring her to the hospital and "she doesn't even have strep." hehe... She actually didn't want him to bring her to "jail."

Thank God she's OK! It could have been much worse. But it wasn't. Sigh. Mini-prayer.


The best thing about it was that Eric was wearing this shirt... Coincidence? I think not! :)

*In fairness to myself and those "involved." I wrote this story because we really do, indeed, have a different life. There are no stop lights, no fast food places, we are about fifty miles away from the next village, and you have to fly, or snowmachine on the frozen river, or boat to it in the summer time. The closest we are to any fast food or stop lights is about six hundred miles.

Anyway, I got an email this morning, I'll share it with you: What in the _ _ _ _ (she wrote the real word) would make Kaisa think she could drive a 4wheeler? There is something inherently wrong with Motorized vehicle and 6 year old. Really, there’s nothing funny about this at all. In my opinion, you all need your asses whipped, well………at least a little.

And I agree, we (by we I mean those involved who knew what they were doing!) do need to get our butts kicked. I can claim that I didn't know what was happening, but I knew...deep inside I knew that they were going to drive the 4-wheelers. I did think that helmets were involved, but I was wrong. Believe me...WE ALL learned our LESSON. And Thank GOD that it was a slap in the face...rather than a medevac with a hurt kid.

So, thanks for your well wishes, and disappointments. Sometimes, we forget what part of the century we're in and remember the Good Old days when 3-wheelers only went 10 mph. :)


Ms. ~K said...

After all that excitement, I hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Finnskimo, its more than just a name... said...

Oh yeah...and I haven't told my dad yet, because I'm just not ready for the chewing out that he'll give me. Sigh.