Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer is almost over...boooo hoooo

The end of July marks a few things up here in the north.

funny faces

Berry Picking season. Softball tournaments. Dead fireweed. Wind. Hunting Season (for non-natives). And the end of the midnight sun.

nubby pin toy

We're experiencing about three hours of twilight here, but the sun is yet to set completely. I believe August 8th we will have two minutes of no sun. If you're a romantic, book a flight to Kotzebue in mid August, and you and your sweetie can watch the sunset and sunrise in under an hour. The beautiful pinks and blues and oranges will take your breath away! While you're at it, get a hunting license, cause its time for Caribou!

(I still got it! hahahahah)

The kids have all had a long summer, everyone has traveled many times, and we even managed to go on an ENTIRE family vacation once or twice! My dad's cabin is just about finished, and my daughter is ready to stay home for more than one week at a time!

running up the ladder

We have the little boys for another six days, so we've been entertaining them in the evenings here when no one has a softball game.

drawing chalk

Dean likes to have little boys around. I see much of the same playfulness when we have puppies, as when we have little kids. I have a husband who loves little kids and loves puppies, geez, what more can I ask for!?

beating dean up

The girls have been loving having each other around again. For most of the summer, they were not in the same town for more than a couple of days, so right now, they REALLY miss each other. In about a week, they'll need a break, but for now, we're all enjoying them getting along!

getting along

coloring with chalk

chalk drawing

Dean's been getting the hanging room and smoker ready for fish and caribou and I managed to clean out the freezers so we have room for more.


My experiment of allowing the kids to have constructive playtime, where they had to play with things they made, and use their imagination has been a success. The only exception has been the trampoline, but my excuse is that waaaay back when, the natives used to be bouncing up and down on a walrus skin, so its in their blood. And who am I to deny what's in the blood of the kids?!??

drawing with chalk

I also bought some chalk when I was in Fairbanks for the girls to use. We only have three paved roads in town and one great sidewalk. So, the girls rode the big bikes (Koy and Max's) to the sidewalk and sat out there for hours. Kaisa's big drawing was a ladder, and Clara's, a hopscotch board.

nubbys look

The wind is gusting to 48 miles per hour right now, so we are tying down the hatches, literally. Dean's gone to the airplane at least three times this morning, and Koy's busy tying down the totes and empty junk in the yard.


The girls? Hopefully, they're drawing or something!

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Finnskimo said...

I was just told that the sun has been setting for a while...but we still have "twilight" for many hours at night. Sorry guys! I must be sleeping and I mustn't listen to the Radio! :)