Monday, July 6, 2009

Pretty good day for mom and dad...

I'll break it down for y'all how GREAT of a day it was for momma and daddy!

knives for competition
All three knives entered into the competition.

1st place Tools, Arts & Crafts - $100
2nd place Tools, Arts & Crafts - $75
3rd place Tools, Arts & Crafts - $50
TOTAL: $225

Yep...a clean sweep. Actually he tied for 3rd, but they both received money, and that's all that counts anyway, right!?

Winner winner chicken dinner knife winner
First place knife - dyed birch, clear acrylic, moose antler and an anodized steel blade with sheath.

1st place Cloth Summer Parky, Men - $100
2nd place Cloth Winter Parky, Kids - $75
3rd place Cloth Winter Parky, Kids - $50
3rd place Cloth Summer Parky, Women - $50
TOTAL: $275

I entered a total of EIGHT Cloth Summer and Winter Parkies that I either made or bought and I'd say $275 was pretty good.

mmm, soup

Also, I made some Shiifish Chowder with Sourdough Bread and sold that for $5 a bowl and made a killing. I think the lady next to me ate FOUR BOWLS! But, it was THAT good!

bread mmm

Tomorrow is the Traditional Foods Competition, and the Fur Fashion Event. I don't think we'll enter that, because our good mukluks are all hanging at Emily's in Palmer. But, for one day's worth of events, I'd say five hundred bucks was good.

business card on table
For more information! I'm pimping my husband out...

And I totally didn't notice that I worked from 8 am until 10 pm because of all this money burning a hole in my pocket!

Until tomorrow!


Ms. ~K said...

Congrats to you and Dean!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you give us an idea of how much his knives might sell for?

Finnskimo said...

Hello Anon...the best thing to do would be to call my husband, Dean, or email him.

I try to pretend I know about the knives, but all I really know is that the blades are the hardest steel available, and are made in Finland. We order a bunch at a time, and the other stuff on the handle ranges from Curly Birch, to Dyed Birch, to Moose Antler, to Walrus Ivory to Baleen, to Acrylic, with Birch Bark Bumpers.

I know he makes the knives personalized if needed. My son's knife is made with caribou antler (his first caribou) and the plug at the end is the spent 30.06 shell casing that he shot the caribou with. He's also done that for a number of other people.

Anyway...I know the knives range in price from about $65 to $255 is the highest I've seen.

His email address is

Thanks for inquiring!