Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moose Tag, You're IT!

Wednesday, the 15th of July was the LAST official day to get a resident Moose Tag for Unit 23.

Like a bunch of other people (who are procrastinators!) I went at 3:30 pm on Wednesday to get it! I saw a load of other procrastinators like John Baker, Herman and Brettlyn, Spencer, Dominic, and our very own Cathy Jones! Chad was rollin in when we were leaving, so I'm sure Charlotte will have plenty to do today!

waiting impatiently

Dean, Koy and I went ahead and got a tag...JUST IN CASE. What we would do with THREE moose (which weigh like 1,200 lbs each) I don't exactly know. But, what if there are no caribou, like in years past? I mean, I'd live off moose meat for a year! Its better than (gag) cow!

This is the first year Koy has gotten the tag. Max could have come, but since he's at Sivu, we'll get him one next year.

filling out paperwork
Charlotte, the local Moose-tag-giver-outer!

I had to find out a little more, so I (duh) Googled Unit 23 Moose and found this site.

If you're a resident, you can get both a caribou and a moose tag for free. Honestly, I can't tell you when the season opens, because quite frankly, I never paid attention! Within only the last generation have we had to "follow the rules" for state and federal lands. Actually, I found out just two years ago that I had to have a hunting liscence to hunt caribou! I had never had one before...why?! I shoot, gut, clean, quarter and leave the skull, antlers, etc. and take all the good stuff back home and eat it.

Koy signing his very first moose tag! (tear...I'm so proud!)

I know plenty of locals whine and moan about "the Camo Clan" that come in during the fall to hunt caribou and moose. But I don't. It doesn't really bother me too much. People log on every year to get a hunting liscence. They pay thousands of dollars to people who don't even LIVE in Kotzebue.

smile dammit
"Smile or I'll pinch you..." He didn't smile.

We had a guy stay in the B&B last year who paid $8,000 plus plane tickets, and hotel, and bag the weeniest caribou I'd ever seen! I mean, it was a BABY! And their "guide?" Some schmuck from New Mexico who comes up every year to the same camp. He doesn't buy food from our local stores, he doesn't pay local taxes, etc.

It's official!

As a matter of fact...if you don't want to pay $10,000 to a guide or transporter, and haul all your gear from your home to here in KOTZ this fall. Just call us, we'll pick you up, put you up in the B&B, hang out with you, take care of your meat...and you can hunt in places you couldn't dream about. You see...I'm native, and my husnband and I can hunt Native Land. We have no problem opening our community and our home,'re willing to spend money at the local stores, to mingle with the locals, and to really, enjoy yourself. We have a boat. We have a name it, we're game!

Psh...while I'm at it, we have four freezers, a meat hanging rack, a bone saw, fish/meat boxes, a canner, and we're just COOL people! :)

big moose
Go get yourself a moose! (Or Caribou...they're better anyway!)

Why not?! All it'll cost you is a plane ticket, food and gas, and smiles! The more positive influence outside hunters have, the better our community will be. Consider it our own form of developing our economy in Kotzebue.

Just don't forget the wine...cause Kotzebue's a damp city!


Martha said...

Uh, if you get three moose, you can send some meat to me...I'll even pay for shipping. NO ONE I know in town ever goes moose hunting which means no moose meat for me. My mom did send me a frozen box of caribou once...that was pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me!

adneprov said...

WOW, saying that your offer is generous would be an understatement. I am in Kotzebue third week of September and I am going to hang out with locals and hopefully fish/hunt. Nothing for out of state guys,it all stays in AK:) Your generous intentions should be rewarded. I'll bring you some wine from California what's your favorite kind?