Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So, I've found a new thing.

My husband is not so sure...globuly mounds of eyeball gook floating in a cup...not his thing.

Reminds me of that one camp song:

Great big Globs of greasy grimy gopher guts,

Mutilated Monkey feet, chopped up baby parakeet,

French Fried Eyeballs swimming in a bowl of blood,

and Meeee, without my straw...aw shucks!

My new thing is called "Bubble Tea" a slightly odd concoction of slimy Tapioca Pearls floating in a cup of milk and iced tea, sucked down with a chubby straw.

One of my friends asked me if we were going to sell it at the soon-to-be-opened Coffee Shop, and I had no idea what it was. So...like all good things, I Googled it!

Ten easy steps on how to make Bubble Tea....

Step One:
Order expensive Large Pearl Tapioca from internet cause you live above the Arctic Circle


Step Two:
Boil it for 25 minutes, then let sit for 25 minutes, then drain and rinse the gooey stuff off.


Step Three:
Play with said balls cause they're cool...texture similar to frogs eyeballs, or fish eggs!


Step Four:
Put a few spoonfulls of "Bubbles" into the bottom of your glass.

boba in cup

Step Five:
Steep some Black tea. Add about 1tsp. sugar per serving.


Step Six:
Cool the tea off with some ice!

iced tea

Step Seven:
Slowly add milk with one hand while trying to take a flash-free photo with the other.

add milk

Step Eight:
Shake em up Johnny!

mmm bubble tea

Step Nine:
Enjoy with...


Step Ten:
...some Homemade-from-scratch-saw-it-on-Food-Network-easy Carrot Cake.

carrot cake

Its all Mm, MMm, Good! And according to Food Network's Ina Garten..."This is also a good way to get your kids to eat their vegetables, cause who doesn't like carrot cake?!"

I mean, the 2 cups of sugar in the cake batter and the 3 cups of powdered sugar in the frosting wouldn't overshadow the Carrots!

That's what I tell myself anyway! Its GOOD FOR YOU!


Unknown said...

Seriously you should think about bubble tea for your shop! We have a coffee shop here that sells out of the stuff..Its wayy popular! Personally, I'm not a fan, they freak me out..it's too much like eyeballs to me. They have different flavors of the tea. I have a friend who works there, I can send you the kinds if you want!

Unknown said...

lol made me think of "Salmon egg Tea" haha

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Uh, can you make Bubble Iced Coffee instead, since I hate tea? What IS the point of the tapioca? Is it just supposed to look cool, or does it actually add flavor, or what? I hate feeling stupid, but I just don't get it. Help me out here!
And depending on what the answers are, maybe that will answer my first question of "Can you make Bubble Iced Coffee instead?"