Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Late night sun/fun

Sorry I've been out of the loop lately. I've been traveling, and flying, and crying, and shopping! Probably in that order too!

But, I'm back at home now. One kid is home. One kid to go I guess.

Aside from being in Fairbanks, and eating the MOST WONDERFUL Stuffed Shells (I saved ALL MY CALORIES for that ONE SHELL!) with Jojo and visiting with my mashed potatoes and Gravy, who by the way, is HUGE. And cute. I have simply had a rush, rush life. I'm feeling lonely and helpless for some reason, and it might be because of the lack of sleep I've experienced since Monday. Who knows.

It might be because on Saturday night, at one thirty in the morning, I woke up in a start thinking one of the kids was crying intensely.

"Whooooo hhoooooooo, aaaaaaahhhh, HHAAAAAAAA"

It sounded more like drunks then my kids, so I went back to sleep. Then about five minutes later I hear, "Deeeeaaaaaaannnnn.... Maaaaaaaaaaaaiiijjjaaaaaaaaaaa! Whoooooooo hooooooo. Deeeeaaannn.....Maaaaaaaaaaaijaaaaa, geeet uuuuuuup!"

So, I'm thoroughly scared and intrigued at the same time. Then I look out the window facing the north and I see this:

drunk on a rooftop

A beautiful sunset, I know. Oh, but is that grown men on the rooftop? Methinks it is!

So, Dean does what any great husband would do, Grabs the camcorder and starts recording their shenanegans, until once again, "Deeeeannn....Maaaaijjjaaa, we KNOOOOW you're UUUUPPP!"

So I say to my awesome husband who is topless and holstering a camcorder,"If the police get called, those are YOUR friends."

He laughs. Because that's what husbands do when its two am and TWO STREETS OVER, some fools are yelling your names and telling you that they're having the BEEESST TIIIMMME EVVVER! And their clothes start coming off and flung into the nearby bushes next to the house.

and the clothes come off

So, of course, he says, "I better just get over there, huh?!"

Oh yeah, that's exactly what I want my husband to do, get up, out of bed at 2am and drive over to the place, you know, "just to check on them...make sure they're OK getting off the roof."

So, I snap another photo, and say, "Go for it, I'll call you in an hour."

Cause I'm a good wife, what can I say?!

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