Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I like big...

...oh YOU know the rest.

Dean has called me about fifteen and a half times today, just to give me the scoop on his Ketchikan trip. You see, Ketchikan is his HOME. Its where he was born, raised and molded into the awesome man he is today.

He is VERY excited...I repeat, VERY EXCITED to be home. And to be able to bring the twins, he's damn near giddy.

He has sent me a few camera photos, just to give me a glimpse of his previous life. You know, the one before he actually LIVED, cause before me, it was nothing!!! :) hehe...


He throws words around like they're nothing, "Oh the cruise ships are docked here..." Oh my holy mother effing gosh sakes, they're HUGE. I've never actually SEEN a cruise ship before, and I don't know if I actually WILL get near it (you know cause the ONLY case of Alaskan Pig Flu was onboard a cruise ship), but I get the picture with the photos he's sending me.

He also said that it took him and the boys almost exactly 18 hours to get from his NEW home to his OLD home. Remember, my son has to sleep for over 12 hours per night, so this 18 hour trip was HELLATIOUS on him. So, Dean did what any good father would do. He told him to sleep it off.

At five, he sent me a photo of the boys STILL SLEEPING. Five PM. So, I guess, they're in the clear as far as sleep goes.

big butts

Then I noticed something funny... They have HUGE BUTTS! And I mean HUGE! Koy's the typical skinny native...but he has a badonka donk. And Max...don't get me started. You could land a small plane on his arse. Hey...like mother, like son...and like father, like son!

Hey BOYS...we love you, and we cannot lie!

P.S. As you read this, me and the girls, and my sister and her daughter, (all five of us) will be attempting to make it to Seattle (YAY AMERICA!) in less than TWELVE hours. Wish us luck!


TwoYaks said...

Not true! We've had flying pig in Fairbanks, too. No word on where it came from, but it was a local who hadn't travelled.

Holy moley, those are some big boats!

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Seattle!

Those are crazy huge boats. I've never seen a cruise ship either!

Jordan_Halo said...

WOW, how did Max's buns get so big? That is amazing, they are probably bigger than my head!