Monday, June 29, 2009

Feeling Light Headed

Ok, so we can't all look like Kathrine Heigl, but let me tell you, our hair can! Or...can't. Whatever.

Katherine Heigl

Unless you don't pay attention to FB, or you're lying under a rock hungover, you should know by now that I cut my hair.

I know, I know, people cut their hair all the time. But...not when you're MAIJA FREAKIN LUKIN, they don't! I am my hair. I am so not that India Arie song...I AM MY HAIR. And I loved it.


But it didn't love me back. So, like all things that don't have any use for me (dogs included) I got rid of it. My husband, shoot, most people in fact, haven't seen me with short hair.

I got a wild hair (pun intended) and decided that it was time to snip away. I have a thick head of hair...I don't like to fix it, or mess with it. Shoot, my hair is lucky to see the broad side of some conditioner most days. I figured a "Katherine Heigl from 27 dresses" look would do for me. Besides, she's got a rounder face, and it works for her! Why couldn't it work for me?!

It was long

So, I printed out the photo above, and Rita took me to Country Cutts in Palmer. I met a nice gal with some wicked cool tattos, and she said she'd LOVE TO CUT MY HAIR OFF.

I asked her if it was long enough to donate to Locks of Love and she laughed. I thought..."Oh crap, its not long enough!" But...she was laughing because of how much I wanted cut off. Not a normal daily happening around Palmer I guess.

and it is cut

I am happy to report, that I did NOT cry. I just cringed when she took away my orangy veil of goodness. Seriously folks, I could FEEL it being cut off my body, it was THAT dramatic. Shoot, I even busted out in hives.

My nice tattoed hair thief cut my beloved pony tail off, she asked if I had been experiencing headaches, and neck pain. I said, "Of course I have headaches, but I think I'm allergic to my job. Oh and I have four kids, two dogs, and 12 ducks..."

pony tail

After busting out laughing, she told me that my hair was so thick and heavy, that she's surprised I hadn't gotten it cut before. But, remember...I AM MY HAIR. That's how people know me. Long hair, purple-ish glasses...real cool. yeah, that's me.

Man...maybe I'll even change my glasses now. I know Saima will be thrilled. She's been trying to get me to get rid of my $8.00 glasses FOREVER. Yes, I said eight bucks. Lenses included. Cause I'm a cool, thrify shopper like that.


Anyway. So, miraculously, I don't look like Katherine Heigl, and the hair thief cut off about 4 inches more than I thought was right, and my hives are still around. But, you know what?

I like it. And so does my husband, so I'm OK with that!


Anonymous said...

Veil of orange goodness! Love it Maija! Your blog and your hair. Don't worry before you know it, it'll all back. :)

Kathy Sherman

Fawn said...

It really is beautiful, Maija! It really suits you, and it looks very polished, to boot. Congrats on not crying. ;) No wonder you could feel it coming off -- that hair must've weighed several pounds!

Jane said...

Your hair looks terrific! I cut off a ton of curl several months ago and have never looked back!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Looks very nice!!

I had nice long locks, but lopped it all off when I was pregnant the first time. The best part was how much easier it fit under my quad helmet!

Anonymous said...

It's really REALLY adorable on you. Very hot momish!