Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BACKTRACK! Water park fun...

So, since we've been back from vacation, we've been super busy doing "other" subsistency stuff. Like stripping everything but the eyes and back bone off of a bearded seal.

Only one more day of work and then we get to rest for a few days while our meat dries. Sheesh...its hard to be an Eskimo...but OH SO VERY fun!

The kids have been whining about the water park pictures, so I'll recap the freakin AWESOME day we had in Seattle.

maddie ww

We started off with some cocks, cock-a-doodle dooing at three am. I walked out to the chicken pen with an axe in one hand and a nice soothing voice whispering, "here chicken, chicken, chicken."

Those damn cocks didn't come near enough to me, so I threw rocks at them.

mom and Kaisa ww

The rest of them got up early enough to get on the road to Seattle, about an hour away from Roy. We stopped at the AWESOME Coffee Shop and Kmart for some cool towels for everyone.

From there, Dean's super cool blackberry told us which way to go to get to the Wild Waves Theme Park and away we went.

We told the kids to stay in groups of two, and check in every hour or so for more sunscreen and to make sure they were still THERE. Kaisa stayed with me at the Pirate Lagoon, and splashed in the FREEZING cold water.

Sleepy girl ww

She had a long day, and about 11:00 am, she was super hot, so I splashed some cool water on her, put a towel over her and let her take a power nap.

kaisa ww

I don't think I saw the boys but once, and that was cause they were starving! We had shirts (rashguards) for everyone, but only Kaisa and Koy opted to wear them.

girls playing ww

We ended up purchasing an $18 bottle of spf 50 sunscreen cause I was paranoid that they were all getting sun damage!


Dean, of course, refused sun screen, cause he's awesome stupid and burnt to a crisp. If he wasn't bald, you'd think he had the worst case of dandruff known to man. Awesome, honey! Little does he know, though, that I sprayed him with that 50 spf, every chance he got, even when he was SNORING resting his eyes.

kids ww

After a long day of FREAKIN hot weather (80 degrees, yes, that's HOT for an Eskimo!), we finally started home. On the way, my awesome husband spotted the Cabela's sign, and we ended up taking a detour to the SUPER Cabela's store on exit 111!

It was A.W.E.S.O.M.E! And $200 later we were back on the road again.

I heard NO complaints, I heard NO fights, I heard NO whining voices...just the content quiet after a fun filled day...and that in itself was WELL worth it.

girls ww

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