Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vacation, day two...

Kaisa brushing honey

And its only just begun.

kaisa running through

The weather is a balmy 91 degrees. And the trees are huge! Man...what a life. I'll be glad to get back home though, and not be so landlocked! Up to Ketchikan tomorrow. :)

allee hitching honey

all the girls

The girls are having fun. Hitching up horses, brushing them, allowing them to get used to the new kids, etc. Playing in the sprinkler, enjoynig the heat! Eating at Dairy Queen, you know...the good stuff.

Maddie waiting to hitch

Allee jumping over

This Eskimo is melting. Almost like the wicked witch and water. Whhhooot whew...its H.O.T.

cowgirl kaisa everyone who's reading this...please pray for my sister. She's in Kotzebue watching our ducks and apparently, they're tripleing in size...and they stink. Oh, and our bad-dog-shockie likes to poop all over when we're gone. So she's banned to the outside till we get back to wash her up. Ugh... Poor baby. I think I'll pay her more than she owes me. :)

Kaisa brushing honey

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Trish said...

I dream of 91 degrees!!

Looks like lots of fun.

Sister came and had dinner with us tonight and as she was leaving she said something about duck soup for dinner tomorrow.......