Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shut your eyes boys!

We're back in Washington having a grand time with Dean's sister and her family. As we drove to Seattle yesterday Dean and I stopped to get a coffee from the next drive-through we could find.

As we drove up, I jumped out to run to the gas station for drinks for the kids, and heard, "SHUT your eyes boys..."

I opened the door, to let the girl know what I wanted, and was greeted with this:

how do you like your coffee

Apparently, we were at Heaven in a Cup, where they like their coffee like they like their women...Hot and Steamy. Ick.

The poor girl was wearing undies far too small for her, and looked as if she'd been awake for the past 12 hours dancing. When she sniffed her nose and asked in a monotone voice, "what do you want?" I knew we were in a classy place!

Get this: There are MORE than one coffee shops that serve in underwear. We passed THREE more on the way to I-5.

heaven in a cup

Hmm...should I tell these girls that they could make a MINIMUM of $15 an hour working in Kotzebue for the summer? And they can even stay at our house, if they clean up a little.

I should open a website for a housecleaner! We have an apartment in the back of our house, a mother-in-law if you wish. She could stay there, work, then clean for us, and we'd all be happy. And we'd even let her wear her clothes. But, of course, Dean might like if she cleaned with just her undies too. We'll keep that up to her.

Any takers?


Ms. ~K said...

Have fun...

Trish said...


so what'd ya get that was hot and steamy?? ;-)

Hope you guys had a great time!

The boys and I leave tomorrow morning. See you when I get back.

I am so appreciative of the "loan"!

Ms. ~K said...

Check Mondady's post for an award!!!