Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yay for modern OTC drugs!

Well, Saturday was a good day. I wouldn't call it great, but it went well. Koy did NOT wake up with a headache, just a stomachache, and was OK as long as there was a bathroom around and he didn't have to wait in line for it. He was feeling MUCH better.

I think he got tired of us continually asking him if he was OK and people looking at him and touching his forehead to make sure. Remember, he's the guy who at 104 degrees will tell anyone, "Fine" when asked.

Koy feeling better

The day started out really well, it was about 90 degrees out, and we had to run to wal-mart cause we didn't pack shirts for the boys. We picked up three shirts, SPF 50 sunblock, extra strength Tylenol, Immodium AD (since Pepto was not working) and some generic meclazine, for dizzyness and headed to the lodge.

kaisa madison and allee

This celebration was filled with laughter and reminiscing about Papa Max in his logging and flying days, before he moved to Palmer to be closer to grandkids.

Dean's favorite Plane

I met so many people, and I'm sorry if any of you are reading this, but I don't remember your names! :) It was nice to be a fly on the wall, even though some of the women there I could hear talk about me. They, of course, didn't know who I was, so didn't know I was listening. (It's hard not to listen when they're right next to you!) The best part of that though, is when they meet you and realize that I was sitting right next to them the entire time!

missing man formation
Missing Man formation. There were nine planes in all.

girls on rocks

The kids had a lot of fun running around outside, taking the paths down to the road, and taking the tram up and down, up and down from the lodge to the main road. They made lots of new friends.

Kaisa totem

captain max

After the celebration, we changed into cooler clothes (the girls were wearing black, the boys had black pants on, etc) and headed out a little ways to Dean's aunt's place for a BBQ.

buoy swing

Ketchikan parking lot!

Koy was pretty good all day, and managed to play a little bit and swim a little bit. I think it'll be OK once we don't have a tight schedule of STUFF to do. If we could just rest and do NOTHING all day for a day or two, then he'd be able to recover.

tree house food
The tree house had a line from the house so we could send over fun things, like hamburgers!

Today, we have to spread Papa's ashes, so we're heading out to their cabin in a float plane. I'm not to thrilled about that, but it will be my first time in a float plane...and my children's. I'm getting hives just THINKING about it.

Yucky float plane

eagle and sunset
We saw plenty of eagles flying around.

After today, we have nothing planned. The kids want to check out Wild Waves Water park outside Seattle, I think Dean wants to get home to rescue Elsa from our growing ducks and barking dogs. I think I want to take a flight to Anaheim and take the kids on a one day pass to Disneyland, and get back on the plane to Seattle. Just a day trip. We'll see how they all feel and how deflated our bank account is.

Moon over water
A long day, at eleven pm...its time for bed!

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Trish said...

Glad koy is feeling a little better!

Elsa mentioned praying for him this morning in church.

You guys should catch a flight to Courd e'laine Idaho. There is theme park about 20 minutes north of there that is soo much fun! It has a great waterpark and lots of fun rides and is VERY reasonably priced. It's called Silver Wood Theme park. We LOVE going there.

have fun whatever you do!