Monday, June 22, 2009

Old Camera

My husband's newest and bestest friend/toy, is his new iPhone. He upgraded from the Blackberry he previously had, because "his fingers were too big for the little buttons." According to him of course!

By signing another contract with AT&T, he was able to get a killer deal on the iPhone. And I have to say, as grumbly as I was previously, I am loving the new gadget!

max b&w

Aside from the wi-fi dogfighting (as in AIRPLANES, not dogs) Dean's been prone to these past few days, he did download a ninety nine cent app, called, "Old Camera" that we've been loving.

grainy dean and maija

It takes a great shot, and processes it into an old Black and White photo. The vignette is there, the grainyness is there. It really is cool. I know I could photoshop my photo's to look like this, but I'd rather just take them with the iPhone and marvel at the cool application on the cool gadget!


By the way, this photo of Dean and I in the car, me with my sunglasses on, was taken at 3:45 in the MORNING, after a night out with friends. Yes, I'm wearing my sunglasses at almost 4:00 in the morning.

dean and maija b&w

As yesterday marked Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year in other parts of the country, we still have 24 hours of direct sunlight. At 1:00 am, I was sunbathing on my deck. We will continue to have 24 hours of direct sunlight until July 7th...then the sun will touch the horizon until August 9th. Then, it will finally dip below the horizon for about 4 minutes. It is the coolest sunset/sunrise ever. The next night, it will set completely for 12 minutes, and we will continue to lose about 6-8 minutes per day until mid-December, when it will set completely for about three weeks.

dirty tv stand

For now...lets enjoy the 4:00 am sunglasses!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great phone with excellent reception in Kotzebue. AT&T says that they have no service available in Kotzebue. Is there good cell phone reception from AT&T there? I am very confused.

Finnskimo said...

Actually, yes, AT&T has great reception in Kotzebue! The iPhone 3G network does not work here, but we have enough wi-fi around the town that you're never "off" the internet with the iPhone.

Don't know why they'd say they didn't have reception, both of us us AT&T!